A Passion. A Burden.

A Passion. A Burden.

Workout Date:





Grass Patch, Bluegrass, MudSlide, Whittle, Wonton, Etch-A-Sketch, Smokey Bear

The Thang:

The Conditions: 42 degrits. Slight drizzle. Enough to notice. Never enough to care.

The Pre-Run: 4 men (Bluegrass, GrassPact, EtchaSketch, and YHC) sh0wed up to get that 4:45-5:10 trot down pat. It’s good to get loose before the beatdown.

The Action:

A disclaimer was given.


  • Side Straddle Hops
  • Tempo Merkins
  • Through The Tunnel
  • Imperial Walkers

Mosey around the Box to pick up our Passion and Burden, the name of our two car tires that would accompany us the rest of the morning. (caveat: YHC shared that every man should have a Passion and Burden that he carries daily. Your passion is what gets you out of bed in the morning. Your burden is what keeps you up at night.)

Mosey over to the soccer field hill while PAX decide how to and how far each man should carry Passion and Burden. Sua Sponte Leadership at it’s finest was allowed to develop all morning.

Team Drills.

Pax formed two lines behind Passion and Burden resulting in two 4 man teams.

While each team sends a man to carry their tire up the hill to the fence and back, Pax continued to get better by the continual flow of PAX Choice movements. Yes, this is a race, but those in the relay line will get better in the while.

We continued this for a while until each man had numerous chances to lift high their passion or burden–to the fence and back of course.

Mosey down the lane and into the abandoned parking lot.

Escalating four corners. 20 Merkins, 40 Mtn Climbers, 60 Flutter Kicks, and 80 Squats. At the last corner the tire had to remain overhead. The Sua Sponte Leadership decided that each pax could afford 20 overhead squats to disctribute the load. A complete metaphor and reminder of why we are here. Climb back down the escalator.

Mosey back to the Flag for Mary.

Pax performed a Pax Choice of Mary while each man took a turn on the Big Tire flip. Three flips out. Three flips Back.



Announcements and Closed in Prayer.


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