A Promise Made is a Promise Kept

A Promise Made is a Promise Kept

Workout Date:



Postal, Peach, Grunt, Goldberg, Quaker


Postal, Peach, Grunt, Goldberg, Quaker (YHC)

The Thang:

Goldberg has been a rock star since becoming a PAX a few months back, he works hard,consistently posts, & his Tweets are the Ultimate! Besides being a regular at #TheRepublic, he makes the trek down 501 to BombSquad each Saturday for 60 additional minutes of pain and fellowship at Early Rises each Saturday. He has invited YHC to run at Hasslehoff the past few weeks, unfortunately I have recently been down range on Fridays, but YHC promised that if my scheduled allowed it I would be there! Today was that day!  So last night I verified the location & start time (5:15 am). The alarm went off early this morning and YHC considered taking a “rest day” (after all YHC did post the last 2 days at BombSquad & the Village), but a promise is a promise. So I dragged myself out and geared up for another chilly morning!

AO: Republic/Hasselhoff

Conditions: 37 degrees, calm, & dry

5:14: One Minute Warning – surely  it was given, however, YHC was stuck behind a sightseer coming over the bridge

5:15 Proper Disclaimer (YHC still behind sightseer) . . . the run begins


As YHC rounds the corner to the parking area in front of the Watertower I passed the PAX running and rolled down my window (time: 5:16). “I’ll be right with you. . .I’ll catch up!”  Strange looks from each of the PAX. (#whoisthisguy?) Unfortunately, no one recognized me, not even Goldberg! (Maybe the full facial winter running hoody/mask  had something to do with it!). Either way, when the PAX saw that I was actually pulling in to park, Peach & Postal circled back and greeted me (#nomanleftbehind).  We caught up with the rest of the PAX and were off on our early morning tour of scenic downtown Conway!  . . It definitely lived up to all the hype!

I thought we would be running the sidewalks, however, all the roads were vacant and well light & we had the entire town to ourselves! There were gentle hills & twists & turns. We passed schools &courthouses and meandered through neighborhoods. One dog barked & one car passed, otherwise the town was ours!  Postal led the charge and was the pace car . This was Grunts  first foray into running (#T-claps) so Peach & Goldberg kept him company. We zig-zagged through the streets, separated briefly, criss-crossed at intersections, then met back up as a group before separating again due to our individual paces.

All PAX met back under the Watertower and circled up at 5:59 with 3.25 miles recorded. . .

It was a great run and great fellowship!

COT: All PAX shared prayers for family & friends . . . YHC prayed us out

Moleskin: Always an honor to join the my brothers from Conway. Its been months since YHC saw Postal so we had lots to talk about as the miles passed by quickly. Word on the streets is that Peach is a Beast and his VQ was a true beatdown! #ISI #F3counts





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