A trip to Mt. Riviera

A trip to Mt. Riviera

Workout Date:



Hoe Down


Mud Slide, Tag Team, Run Off, Magnum, Hoe Down (QIC), High Cotton

The Thang:

The Conditions: Who cares? We are here to workout rain or shine so envision whatever weather you desire. It will be as you imagine.

YHC was elated to have another chance to lead his brothers in a little bit of exercise this morning.  Here’s what had happened.

#Disclaimer was given.


  • Some light stretching
  • Side Straddle Hops
  • Through the Tunnel

Mosey around the Big Box to reassemble in the lot in front of the barber shop.

10 rounds of 4×4’s OYO  (4 merkins, 4 mtn climbers, followed by an overhead clap)

Mosey over to Mt. Riviera via the large sidewalk. This was more like ala String of Pearls as we did some Dips and Carolina Dry Docks along the way to wait upon the six.

Mt Riviera affored us the chance to perform a set of 11’s.

  • 1 Merkin
  • run backward up the hill
  •  10 Squats at the top
  • mosey back down (for 2 Merkins and 9 squats..etc)

Upon completion we moseyed to the track for a two lap version of Catch me If You Can,

  • Round one involved 10 LBC’s then spirt to catch your date who was backpedaling the track. Switch off until you complete a lap.
  • Lap two involved 10 Merkins and a sprint to take retreating back pedaling partner. Switch off until the lap was complete.

Mosey back to the VSF.

WE did a OYO 7 count of Little Mermaid.

  •  1 Big Boy Setup plus 4 flutter kicks
  • 2 Big Boys plus 8 flutter kicks…..
  • up to 7 BB’s ….Crowd pleaser for sure.


  • Name-O-Rama
  • A word of scriptural challenge was shared by YHC.
  • Prayers were lifted


Moleskin…YHC is always excited, amped and ready to lead. I am thankful each and every F3 brother. Your friendships mean more than words can convey. God bless and may God have mercy on us all this week as Irma bears down upon us.

Proceed with Integrity,

Hoe Down



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