A Trip To the Riverwalk

A Trip To the Riverwalk

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Grunt, Goldberg, Saved By the Bell, Site Work, Prime, Bluegrass, Strap Lock, PertPlus, BigWheelz, (QIC) Whittle

The Thang:

YHC actually woke up on time this morning! Not sure what happened Tuesday, but I made it for this Q. Who knows what would have happened on Twitter, had I missed today! Showed up early to make sure the lights were on down at the Riverwalk, I wasn’t sure if they are on all the time or not. While I was there, the news crew was set up, unfortunately they weren’t filming when we went down there. I decided to do a warm up while we mosey to get us down to the Riverwalk and back. I applaud the hustle this morning. It was an honor to lead!

Conditions: 70° ish?

Disclaimer Given

Warm – Up and Mosey
25 Side straddle hops – IC
10 Merkins – OYO
25 Imperial Walkers – IC
25 Dips on the fountain – OYO
5 Burpees – OYO

Mosey to the boardwalk area of the Riverwalk

Modified Dora
75 Big Boys
100 Carolina Dry Docks
100 Squats – 100 Lunges

Mosey around the RiverwalkPick up six
25 Dips on the fountain – OYO
5 Derkins – OYO

Red Barchetta
25 Yards – 25 SSH
50 Yards – 25 V-Ups + 25 American Hammers
100 Yards – 75 Mountain Climbers

Mosey back for some mary

4/4/18 – Bible Study, lunch provided at 104 Laurel St. Conway; next to the Warehouse; short devotional after lunch
4/29/18 – International Drive Road Race, contact Bluegrass with any questions and for a promo code
5/19/18 – Mud Run

Bluegrass led the prayer for the group.

Prayer Requests: Bluegrass, family traveling today
Etch a sketch and Runoff speedy recoveries



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