Almost pulled a whittle

Almost pulled a whittle

Workout Date:





Goldberg, Stuffed Crust, Mayhem, Site Work, Super Dave, Big Wheelz, Peach, Bluegrass (QIC)

The Thang:

Almost pulled a Whittle

Pulling A Whittle: “Taking a Q, talking smack about upcoming Q, not showing up for this Q, and lastly avoiding conversation with PAX after missed Q”

So I had worked out a nice Weinke that I was pretty excited about because it looked to be one of the most horrible things that I have ever concocted for a 45 minute beatdown. It involved some kettle bells so after getting home late from the Movie with Billboard, Flash, Weedeater, his M and several 2.0s I knew it would be a struggle getting everything ready in the morning so I went ahead and loaded the KBs. Fast forward to 4:40am in which my alarm goes off and my wife “allegedly” told me to wake up because she was up with a cranky 20 month old and didn’t want the alarm to keep annoying him. I guess my alarm is far more efficient than the M at getting me up and out of bed because the next thing I know it’s 5:05 and I am just waking up. Of course I had been going back and forth with Goldberg all week on twitter about my Q so I knew I would never hear then end of this. I threw myself together in record time and jumped in the car to head out. Not wanting to waste any time I may have been doing a little faster than normal and that is when the kettle bells reminded me that they were in the vehicle. There really isn’t quite sound like hearing 160lbs of still shifting in a vehicle.………. Upon arrival at the AO I found the group and jumped out to take my verbal beating and beg for forgiveness. As they should have, they all gave me a hard time about the late appearance and had several quality jokes throughout the beat down. Being that I was late we stuck with what the emergency Q had come up with and I will save mine for next time. Here is what happened.
Warm Up
35-SSHs IC
20-Windmills IC

The Thang
Mosey 30 yards perform exercise, start with 2 reps and add 2 reps of different exercise all the way to 16
10-Monkey Humpers
14-Flutter Kicks
16-Predator Squats

20-Flutter Kicks IC
20-Pretzel Crunches IC (10 each leg)
10-V Ups IC
10-4 Count Plank Kick through

What is great about F3 is that it builds leaders not followers. Followers struggle to step up in a time of need and they always look for a way to hide in the back of the pack, that’s not what F3 does. The PAX at Republic this morning knew that everyone there was there for a reason. That was to work out and have a little fellowship and that is exactly what they did. When the leader of the workout for that day didn’t show up someone immediately took over and ran with it without hesitation. I have seen this happen several times because things happen and people sometimes miss a Q but that never stops the mission. You don’t get this at any other fitness center or facility, when the Personal Trainer has a sick child you are going to be rescheduled, but not with F3. The PAX busted my chops the entire work out but each one of them at some point ask me quietly off to the side if everything was alright or if I was good and that is the fellowship and brotherhood that you wont find anywhere that makes this group special.

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