An easy BB to write….

An easy BB to write….

Workout Date:





Norm, Bluegrass, Tag Team, Isotope, Grasspatch, Straplock, Postal, Mudslide, OneCall (QIC)

The Thang:

The title is from a comment from Straplock after the 60th burpee I think….LOL!


It was time for my traveling burpee-filled Q to make its way west, and I was excited to see some new faces at #TheRiviera as they have had a lot of FNG’s over the past few weeks!  Plus, it’s always good to see the Conway crew and catch up a bit.  Some of them arrive right at the buzzer though so there’s not much time to chit chat!

The theme of the day was burpees (again), as we [I] finally wind down the 3 month Charity Challenge.

1 minute warning

The DISCLAIMER was given

SSH x 15 IC
5 burpees OYO
IW x 15 IC
5 burpees OYO
Tempo Squat x 15 IC
There were slow and easy, so
10 burpees OYO
22 Merkins – single count OYO
5 burpees OYO
TTT x 15 IC
10 burpees OYO (Since TTT is really a stretch)
Flutters x 15 IC
LBC’s x 25 OYO
10 Burpees OYO

We moseyed over to the Applebee’s parking lot since an earlier scope out had shown a perfectly measured out four corner opportunity for this Q without having to use cones.
We planked on the 6 and held that for a bit

Start here, do 5 Burpees and then run to each corner and do 5 Burpees at each one, including the beginning one again
This was a total of 25 around the 4 corners with the repeat at the first one
AMRAP Flutters and/or BBSU’s.  Alternate as needed until the 6 gets there
Plank.  Regroup in plank.  Silent 10 count in plank.  More plank.  Use this to recover; control your breathing.  Recover.

Starting at corner 1, do 20 Squats/20 Merkins
Run to next corner, do 15 Squats/15 Merkins
Next corner, 10 Squats/10 Merkins
Next corner, 5 Squats/5 Merkins
Back to beginning corner, 5 Squats/5 Merkins
[Unless you were Mudslide…who was so far ahead and clearly lonely, he turned around just to see us all again]
Next corner, 10 Squats/10 Merkins
Next corner, 15 Squats/15 Merkins
Final corner 20 Squats/20 Merkins
Wait here for the 6
AMRAP Flutters and/or BBSU’s.  Regroup in plank.  Silent 10 count in plank.  More plank.  Use this to recover; control your breathing
Back to starting corner

Rinse and repeat the 4 (really 5) corners with burpees
Regroup in plank.  Silent 10 count in plank.  More plank

Next was to be another round the down and up escalator/descalator/whatever
This time with Lunges (count each leg) and Carolina Dry Docks
So we started with 20 and 20, and rounding the corners – 15/15, 10/10, 5/5, back to 5/5, 10/10, 15/15, and finally 20/20
AMRAP Flutters and/or BBSU’s.  Regroup in plank.  Silent 10 count in plank.  More plank.  Use this to recover; control your breathing

We then had just enough time to finish with giving the PAX the choice as this was You versus You and men were at various levels of exhaustion
Do 5 or 10, your choice
Burpees at this corner
Next corner – Turkish Get ups
Next corner – Burpees
Final corner – Turkish Get ups

Mosey back to where we parked


Count-O-Rama – 9
Prayer requests for the situation at the bank in Conway and the families affected
Prayer requests for Teachers, students, bus drivers, husbands of teachers, parents and others
Prayer requests unspoken
BOM by YHC – just shared something neat I saw on Twitter – a quote saying: “The sun will burn your eyes out from a distance of 92 million miles and yet you expect to casually stroll into the presence of its Maker?”  Think about that when you go about your day!

– Great times with some great #HIM.  Very strong work today by everyone.  Not 1 rep cheated!
– Enjoyed it fellas!  KEEP EH’ing!!!

– Be sure to check out our regional website.  All local information will be on that!
– There have been a few emails lately.  If you aren’t getting them, let me know so we can be sure you are in our database.
– Original logo shirt order is live – see the Region News post
– VQ of Isotope Thursday!!!  Be there and SUPPORT!
– Saturdays at #TheRiviera are rolling – come out, Thursday to Tuesday is too long a gap!  0600-0700
– Fridays – run group #Hasselhoff in Conway and #BeachBells kettlebell workout at Market Commons
– Bluegrass trying to get group discount for The Terrain Race coming to MB in November
– Bible Study per Postal at C3 Coffee Bar right there by the AO on Tuesdays from 0615-0700
– 9/23 – #ClownCar to Manning for week 5 of launch with Bluegrass and Hoe Down on co-Q
– Various CSAUP events coming up locally in October and November – check the region news on our website


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