Angry Ranger

Angry Ranger

Workout Date:



Texas Ranger


Hamburglar, Quaker (1st F - Respect), Brown Bag (Nantan - Respect), Beefsteak (AOQ), O'Douls (CP AOQ), Elsa, Hedgehog, El Red Cardo

The Thang:


High 60’s, clear and perfect

Big Monday. I love Q’ing it, because the guys that decide to show up on a Monday always come with the energy. This Monday was no different. Was glad to see a great mix of guys from the Nantan himself to one of our newer PAX, Elsa, who continues to push himself each beatdown. You ever get one of those crazy/stupid ideas in your head for a workout that for some terrible reason sounds like it would be a good idea? Well all week I had been thinking about how I haven’t seen Murder Bunnies in a beatdown in a while, so now seemed like a good time to bring it back.

1 Minute Warning

Quick intro and disclaimer given and we’re off!

COP: Inspired by Quaker’s presence this morning, I suddenly flash backed to Friday’s Angry Quaker Q and decided to use that as some extra motivation for today

10 x Merkins OYO, SSH x 20 IC, 10 x Merkins OYO, IW x 24 IC, 10 x Merkins OYO, TTT x 20 IC, Windmill x 15 IC, 10 x Merkins OYO, LBAC x 20 IC, LBAC IR x 20 IC, Overhead Clap x 15 IC

Indian Run around the AO, by the concession stands, to the coupon pile. Everybody grab a coupon and head to the field.

The THANG – 
Murder Bunnies

Round 1:

Goal Line – 10 Burpee block jump overs (like it sounds, burpee, jump over block, burpee, etc)

Murder Bunny to the 25 yard line

25 Thrusters with the block… Beefsteak breezes through 25 while the next closest is still at 15 (lets change it to 15)

Murder Bunny back to the goal line

Round 2:

Goal Line – 10 Burpee block jump overs

Murder Bunny to the 25 yard line

15 Alternating Block Merkins – 15 per side

Murder Bunny back to the goal line

11’s – leave the coupons and head to the adjacent small parking lot


Bear crawl to other side

2 count Mountain Climbers

Bear crawl or mosey back, rinse and repeat 11’s style

Head back to the field/coupons for a quick round of Colt 45s. Take the Blocks back to the coupon pile

AMRAP 3-Man Weave

With 9 PAX, we had the perfect number for a 3 man weave. This took place between the two light poles adjacent to the field (a little over 40 yards apart)

Pax 1 – Starts at light pole 1 and does AMRAP Squats

Pax 2 – Starts at light pole 2 and does AMRAP Merkins

Pax 3 – Runs from pole 1 to pole 2, switches with PAX 2

Pax 2 then runs back to Pax 1 and switches spots, etc

Each PAX ran 4-5 times.

Head to the flag and circle up.

5 MoM –

TR Favorite – Crunchy Frogs IC

Finished up with some stretching as per AOQ Orders


Count-O-Rama – 9

Announcements – Freed to Bleed July, Spartan Race, Sasquatch CSAUP (Get with Quaker/Hamburglar for more info), VQ’s galore coming up (The Plank, and Catapult). Hedgehog’s VQ on the 25th at Catapult, Burgundy at The Plank on the 27th. Get out and support your fellow PAX!
Prayer requests – Health for various PAX/ family members, Kotters


The mumble chatter was light, but I think that’s because everybody was getting after it. It was great having the more experienced PAX there to push and encourage the newer guys. Can’t wait to see what Hedgehog will have in store for us on Tuesday at Catapult.

Always an honor to lead!

– TR

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