Anniversary Q- Rock Around the Clock

Anniversary Q- Rock Around the Clock

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First Base, Speedbump, Boxcar, Humpback, Rousey (R) Brown Bag (R), Judge Judy, Flatliner

The Thang:

Conditions: 74 degrees and humidity was thick. Armed Robbery threat level: Elevated

My 1st Anniversary Q was last week, but due to well-documented criminal activity at Catapult, today was the one that counted. I arrived at 5:00 to set out my cones (Catapult regulars know I love cones, cones are the best). I saw a shadowy figure on a bike approaching me in the big lot, and I thought to myself “this is Cheech from last week and he’s here to exact revenge”. So as I prepared to go down swinging in a blaze of glory, relief quickly came upon me; it was Rousey. He was sweeping the perimeter on his bike. He had a backpack on and my guess is he had incendiary devices, gun(s), and other cool 007-type stuff known only to shadowy black ops entities. I was thankful for the sweep given the events of last Thursday.

It’s summer and you never know if you’ll have 5 guys or 15, so I was happy with 9 guys at 1 minute warning. A good mix of Catapult regulars, guys who frequent other AOs, and relatively new guy Speedbump.

After warm up we did a lap, got blocks and headed to the big lot. There I had 12 cones set up clock-style, with 12 o’clock being closest to Avalon and 6 o’clock being closest to the church. Starting at 12:00, you performed the exercise listed on the sheet and proceed (clockwise, duh) around the circle. The exercises were:

25 Merkins, 15 Heels to heaven, Sprint to 7 o’clock and jog back, 25 curls plus a lap around the ball field, 15 BBSU, 25 Dry Docks, 15 jump lunges plus a lap, 30 LBC, 20 decline merkins on the fence, 15 block swings plus a lap, 20 pretzel crunches each leg, sprint to 5 o’clock and jog back. That brought you back to 12:00 where half the Pax continued for 2-3 more stations while others finished.

Then we met in the middle with the blocks and a Humpback-approved 90s playlist, each guy calling an exercise. I called the first 3: around-the horn shoulder press,1 arm bent rows, bus drivers. I don’t remember who called what but it was curls a few times, clean and press, BBSU with block, tri extensions, flutters with block press, leg lifts over the block, bent rows.

That took us to 5:50 so we racked the blocks and headed to the circle. I asked AOQ First Base if the last exercise should be Macarenas or Roxanne… for some reason he chose Roxanne. Those of you at my last Q remember you get assigned Roxanne or Red Light. While the song plays, you do a Merkin when they say your name. It sucks but it’s fun at the same time. Still haven’t seen someone stay in plank and do every Merkin. It’s possible but you’d have to be a 1%-er to manage that after a beatdown. You’ve never seen so many grown men doing knee pushups, myself included.

Announcements- Blood drive and Pelicans game TODAY.

Prayers for Sgt Harris and Sue Ann

Make it a great day