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Hoser, Rousey (RESPECT), Valvano, Bling, OneCall (QIC)

The Thang:

Chilly.  40ish

Today is my dad’s 72nd birthday…so I took a Q from a few years ago that I did in his honor after a quadruple bypass surgery.  Now, a few years later, with a new heart, shoulder, and knees…he is kicking butt!  The original was a bootcamp, so I had to modify for our rucking crew.  Started the morning nice and early at 0330, to also get a text at 0345 that BC was OUT!.  Funny thing is he texts this in our PL group text where others never HC’d so those poor souls get a 0345 text for no reason at all while they are fart or smart sacking.  Nice work BC!

Picked up my OG partner in crime after a demand for a 0405 pickup.  Those 3 minutes make a huge difference to his bathroom time.  Pulled in glad to see Hoser’s vehicle worked this morning and Rousey in an unknown vehicle (secret agent), followed by Valvano.

1 minute warning and disclaimer.  And away we went.
At this time we also learned that today was Bling’s sister’s 50th bday!!!  So I decided to incorporate that in too.

Dad born in 1949.
1.9 mile buy in ruck.  PERFECT measuring!
Back at the track
7 exercises x 7 reps of each one = 49
1. Merkins
2. Squats
3. Flutters IC
4. BBSU’s
5. Curls
6. Tricep Extensions
7. Thrusters

Ruck a lap
Rinse and repeat 3 more times for a total of 4 – Quadruple bypass heart surgery
At some point during this, Valvano was shedding his clothes like a stripper seeing a $20 (according to Rousey who explained he was doing “research” the last time this occurred).  Went from hat, gloves, tshirt, long sleeve, jacket, pants, leggings, shorts to just shorts.  Wow.  Bling couldn’t concentrate!

To the playground
Since Dad turns 72 today
7 pull-ups
2 burpees
Rinse and repeat 3 more times, again for 4 total rounds for the quadruple bypass
BUT – to bookend this for Bling’s sister – we did 50 step ups 1st.  Then 50 more after the 4 rounds.

Finishing up the workout – My dad served in the United States Army during Vietnam and then the reserves
American Hammers x 50 2 count (for Bling’s sister)
Rosalitas x 50 single count (for Bling’s sister)
Merkins x 25, Moraccan Nightclubs x 25 with AMAZING hip thrusts here (Hoser did these for Bling’s sister), Monkey Humpers x 25 (Rousey’s specific request, for Bling’s sister)  Surprised Bling didn’t get mad…guess he was too busy complaining about the Merkins.
Y Squats x 5.  I TRIED to make these easier for this group of awesome, but whining, men…lol….and it was a V squat until Hoser the grammar/alphabet Enforcer was very upset it was a V.  So we made it a Y.  Lunge up to right and back, Squat, Lunge up to left and back, Squat, Reverse lunge, up squat, lunge to start, squat.

Ruck one more cool down lap, gather V’s clothes everywhere, and TIME!

Count-O-Rama – 5
Prayer requests for PAX and personal issues
Prayer requests unspoken


– My dad instilled a great many values in me and I have incredible respect and love for him.  Just a small token today to honor him.

Also wanna restate from earlier this week – Strong words were shared in the COT about guys who may be struggling, who may need F3, one of us, a smile, a shoulder, a hug.  Never rush the COT – this was important today.  Never rush a moment when a Brother may need you.  The men in the circle each day are there for you.  We never know what impact we may have or who may need to see us or hear from us, but know that it does happen every day that we may be that one person, we may say that one thing, that impacts someone’s life or changes their trajectory for the day!!!!  Love you dudes!

– Bling scavenger hunt date night – December 4.  GONNA BE EPIC!  I think one team is totally gonna “SLEIGH IT!”
– F3GrandStrand Annual Christmas party has been confirmed!!!  December 11 at Waterway Palms Clubhouse – 6PM
– Ugly Christmas sweater convergence in Conway on December 18


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