B.I.G. Monday

B.I.G. Monday

Workout Date:





Crankbait, Hottub, One Call, Skid Mark, Boxcar, Handy Manny, Quaker (QIC)

The Thang:

It takes Mondays to make Fridays, so I figured we’d get our week started with a B.I.G. Monday! BIG stands for Beatdown In the Gloom . . . BombSquad Is Great; etc., etc. YHC arrived at the AO early & set out 7 cones in conjunction with other “markers”. YHC then planted the Shovel Flag & returned to his truck to warm up just a bit before other PAX arrived. YHC didn’t have to wait long, however, as Handy arrived hauling in the coupons for today’s festivities! One Call rolled in looking for “Muscle Beach” (not scheduled for today, but YHC guaranteed him something special was on the agenda)! Next to arrive was Boxcar & Skid Mark via clowncar, then Hottub (#longtimenosee), and finally Crankbait rounded out the PAX.

AO: BombSquad

Conditions: 36 degrees, dry, clear, no breeze

1 Minute Warning

COP: 25 SSH IC; 22 TTT IC; 20 Windmills IC; 10 Burpees OYO; 20 Imperial Walkers IC; 15 Little Baby Arm Circles IC; 20 Overhead Claps IC; 15 LBAC in Reverse IC; 15 Cherry Pickers (4 ct); 22 Merkins IC

YHC gave the PAX an option to either pair-up or do the beatdown as a group. They Deferred to YHC (#itsmyQ) . . . so today we will stick together as a group

The THANG: Pallet Races!

2 PAX Push Pallets 25-35 yrds (maybe more) to designated Pain Stations as 5 PAX AMRAP designated exercise until the ‘Pallet Race’ is completed (love the smell of burnt wood in the gloom!). Switch PAX on the Pallets and begin the next exercise, etc., etc until all PAX do 4 intervals of Pallet Races! We pushed pallets along the Shovel Flag (SF) parking lot all the way to the east end of the Large Parking Lot, around the corner to the baseball gate, then back down the Large Parking Lot.  We then turned left and pushed the Pallets to the front corner of the Large Parking Lot. At this point we turned right and continued to push Pallets past the front of the Church. Finally turning right one more time for the final 2 legs of the race past the SF and to the begining.

Pain Station #1 – Burpees (5-10 reps)

Pain Station #2 – Carolina Dry Docks (15-20 reps)

Pain Station #3 – Jump Squats (20-25 reps)

Pain Station #4 – Merkins (20-25 reps)

Pain Station #5 – Scopion Dry Docks (15-20 reps)

Pain Station #6 – Star Jumps (15-20 reps)

Pain Station #7 – Diamond Merkins (10-15 reps)

Pain Station #8 – Burpees (5-10 reps)

Pain Station #9 – Carolina Dry Docks (15-20 reps)

Pain Station #10 – Jump Squats (20-25 reps)

Pain Station #11  – Merkins (20-25 reps)

Pain Station #12  – Scopion Dry Docks (15-20 reps)

Pain Station #13 – Star Jumps (15-20 reps)

Pain Station #14 – Diamond Merkins (10-15 reps)

5 Count

Indian Run along Carolina Forest Blvd (#maximumexposure) to the Pic-nic Tables for “11’s”

“11’s” – 10 Derkins + 1 Dip; 9 Derkins + 2 Dips; 8 Derkins + 3 Dips; etc, etc . . . .1 Derkin + 10 Dips

Mosey to back parking lot

Red Barchette – 25 yd sprint then 25 Merkins mosey back to start line; 50 yd sprint then 50 Squats, mosey back to start line; 75 yd sprint then 75 SSH, mosey back to the starting line; 100 yd sprint then 100 (single ct) FlutterKicks

Mosey to Shovel Flag

Mary Around the Horn: 15 BoxCutters IC (Quaker); 15 American Hammers IC (Handy Manny); 20 BBS OYO (Hottub); 20 LBC’s OYO (Boxcar); 20 Oblique Crunches IC (10 each side) (One Call); 12 Freddy Mercury’s IC (Skid Mark); 20 FlutterKicks IC (Crankbait)

Time Called!


Count-O-Rama – 9


Announcements: Dragon Boat end of April – we have 12 HC’s (need 20 total); if you can’t participate in the Dragon Boat come out and support your brothers!! Mens Bible/Leadership Study tomorrow 6:30-7:30 @ Waterway  Palms (Coffee with the Nan-Tan 15 minutes prior to start); Marine MudRun coming in May  (20 year anniversary) (We had 6 teams from the Grand Strand & want to have even bigger numbers this year) (teams of 4) HC now & let everyone know #accountability!

Moleskin: Great work today! Everyone pushed themselves & each other. Don’t know how the rest of the PAX felt but YHC felt like it was 1 hour beatdown squeezed into 45 minutes!! Awesome job!!

Aye, Quaker

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