B.O.M.B.Sleds at the Village

B.O.M.B.Sleds at the Village

Workout Date:





Rubber, Boxcar, High Interest, Coldfeet, El Redcardo, Skidmark, Kitten, Mudslide, Buffett, Sunshine, Crankbait (Q)

The Thang:

The Pax at the Village have been crushing  workouts recently thanks to the Iron Flag challenge.  As I prepared for the Q, I tried to come up with a new coupon to test everyone’s grit.  I settled on 2 cinder block sleds, composed of 3 blocks each, zip-tied together, and attached to a rope.  After a quick 10 minute construction project in the AO lot, they were ready for prime time.

Sunshine and Mudslide rolled in early for our 4:50 pre-run.  I appreciate these HIM and their HCs.  We took off over the bridge and met Kitten at the Hulk.  During our run back we noticed that at some point overnight, a car had crashed through one of the newly installed gates at the AO.  The perpetrator’s car was close by and luckily did not have an F3 sticker on the rear windshield.  Kitten questioned some loitering suspects nearby and took some photos, making me wonder whether he previously worked with the FBI.  #RouseyWillNeverTell

The remaining Pax rolled in and appeared ready for the beatdown.

1 minute warning

Disclaimer given


Warmed up with:

SSH x 20

IW x 20

TTT x 15

Windmill x 15

LBAC x 20F x20IR

Overhead press x 20

Tempo squats x 20


Main event = B.O.M.B.Sleds

We all moseyed over to collect our cinder block coupons for the morning and met back at the shovel flag.  We then partnered up for B.O.M.B.S. with a twist.  1 Pax ran the AO parking lot while the other performed the following.  Flip flop.  Repeat until required reps were completed.

B – Blockees x 50

O – Overhead press with coupon x 100

M – Merkins x 150

B – Big boy situps with coupon x 200 (#FeelTheBurn)

S – Squats with coupon x 250 (#MorePain)


The Twist = During B.O.M.B.S , each Pax skipped one lap and instead pulled the 100lb cinder block sled the length of the parking lot and back x 2.


Circle up for Mary:

Flutter kicks x 15

Boxcutters x 15 (super slow) x 15 (Rubber style)

Hello Dolly’s (rapid fire) x 15 (Boxcar style)


Count-o-rama = 11



  • Iron Flag Challenge
  • Relaunch of Republic’s Saturday Workouts 0700-0800
  • Kitten’s New Directions AO / Mission AO – Starting July 14 0730-0815
  • Bible study starting this Saturday 05:45-06:45 at Warthog, #AuthenticManhood

Prayed us out


As always, the Pax crushed this workout and gave 110% in the gloom this morning.  It was an honor to lead.



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