Back to the basics!

Back to the basics!

Workout Date:



Handy Manny


Titan, Bling, Hoser, Varsity, Geno, Weedeater, Billboard, Wittle, Dirty Bird, Bubbles, Handy Manny, Training Wheels, Flash, Meatball

The Thang:



As YHC did not sleep much the night before helping the M with our 2.0 with a bit of a fever I knew the gloom was approaching quickly. As the tweet went out for biking & rucking the day before I just knew if I tweeted out some pre runners would join me. Ready to roll I sprung out of bed grabbed the supplies (gear,coffee, super energy balls, bananas, oranges). While taking in some fuel(mainly coffe) on the drive down I was mentally preparing(trying not to fall asleep) for the beat down that awaited.  Upon pulling into the semi dark parking lot I noticed some familiar cars and what appeared to be someone riding  a bike towards me. It looked like I was about to get robbed. Wait! No! Just Billboard in his usual gear. The ruckers had already departed as Billboard & Wittle where waiting on Weedeater. I think they left him. I scanned the parking lot and it appeared I would be running solo this am. Off I went towards the beach. As I caught stride and started to hit the one mile mark I saw the ruckers just a bit ahead. As I got closer they where getting their work in with the heavy packs. (Listening to music, singing, *holding hands)  I got to my check point and did a U-turn. Repeated the same route. Upon arriving back Dirty bird was already there pumped to get started as Weedeater was riding around the parking lot looking for Whittle & Billboard. Yep they left him.


5:29 One minute warning

5:30 Disclaimer; Lets roll we have lots to do today


  • 22 ssh ic
  • 15 imperial walkers ic
  • 15 windmills ic
  • 15 tttunnel ic
  • 20 slow squats ic
  • plank of pain
    • 20 Alternating shoulder taps ic
    • 20 plank  jacks ic
    • 20 mountain climbers ic
    • 5 count hold
    • 5 merkins
    • 5 count hold
    • 5 merkins




(Start at the top of the hill. Pax 1 performs the exercise while pax 2 runs down and back. In the event you finish before anyone else perform burpees until all pax complete the cycle.) 

  • 100 hand release merkins
  • 200 jump squats
  • 300 flutter kicks

Groups of two MERKIN ROLL RACE

Mosey to the picnic area for a group picnic

  • 40 box jumps or 20 step ups each leg
  • 20 dips ic
  • 20 merkins
  • 30 box jumps or 15 step ups each leg
  • 15 dips ic
  • 20 box jumps or 10 step ups each leg
  • 10 dips ic
  • 10 box jumps or 5 step ups each leg
  • 5 dips ic

Mosey back to the virtual shovel flag


Jack webs (co q with Billboard on this exercise)

As we finished these we heard all the ruckers coming to join in the fun bringing us some great tunes.

Pax choice

  • 25 flutter kicks ic (Handy)
  • 25 American hammers (Billboard)
  • dying cock roach (Training wheels)
  • slow big boys ic (Flash)
  • Eiffel tower (titan)
  • thrusters (?)
  • burpees IC (Meatball)
  • LBC (Weedeater)
  • monkey humpers (Geno/Dirty bird)

Sorry if I forgot anyone probably due to lack of sleep over the last few weeks.


  • April 28th Dragon boat race. We need a few more men to step up
  • April 29th 1st Annual International drive road race
  • Healthy buffet at Joes immediately after the workout (Plant based options there)


Great to have all the pax from DR joining us even while on vacation. Solid work by all. Its always a pleasure to have the opportunity to lead. Great to see the pax getting in extra work in.

2 Timothy “Share in suffering as a good soldier of Christ Jesus.”


Ruckers 8.5 miles

Bikers 8-10 miles

Solo jogger 6 miles

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