Back to the Future

Back to the Future

Workout Date:





Castaway, El Red Cardo, Quaker (QIC)

The Thang:

AO: The Village

Conditions: 41 degrees. . . calm!

YHC Pulled into The Village to find Castaway (AOQ) dutifully awaiting the deluge of PAX who would be descending on the AO at this pre-Dawn hour. We both knew that we would have some competition for the PAX’s attention & attendance because someone named Geno was Qing Warthog for his 50th Birthday. #WelcomeToTheClub #Respect

After about 5 minutes of Mumble Chatter without any other PAX arriving, Castaway & I wished a Happy Birthday to Geno and accepted the fact that today’s beatdown may be just the two of us. As we circled up, however, ERC came rolling in!

As our numbers swelled (2 to 3), I announced to the PAX that YHC would be reviving some Old School Beatdowns and Routines over the next few weeks that have not been used for a while. This idea was not, however, my idea. It sprung from the ever energetic, highly dynamic, & freakishly fertile mind of the founder of The Village, Sunshine! Sunshine pointed out that as our region evolved & grew, some staples fell to the wayside. It is our job/everyone’s duty to pass down our collective history to new PAX & recapture the foundations of #F3Grandstrand!! What’s old will become new again (like your favorite pair of short shorts, half shirts, and Mullets . . . who knows maybe even writing timely BackBlast will be in vogue again!!). This is what happened next.

COP: 25 SSH IC; 20 Windmill IC; 15 TTT IC; 22 Merkins OYO; 20 Hillbillies IC; 15 Little Baby Arm Circles IC; 15 LBAC in Reverse IC

Mosey around entire perimeter of AO . . finish at the Coupon Pile



Round #1:  10 Burpees . . . stay together & run 1 lap around parking lot; 20 Merkins . . .lap; 20 Carolina Dry Docks . . .lap; 20 Monkey Humpers IC . . .run a lap.

Round #2:  20 Squats . . . stay together & run 1 lap around parking lot; 20  Wide Merkins . . . lap; 20 Lunges (10 per leg) . . . lap; 20 Scorpion Dry Docks . . . lap

Grab a Coupon

Round #3: 20 Block Curls IC . . .stay together & 1 lap around large lot; 20 Overhead Press IC . . . lap; 20 Triceps Extensions OYO. . . lap; 20 Thrusters . . . lap

Bonus Round: 10 Blockees; re-stack the Coupons . . . then run a lap . . .


Mosey around entire perimeter of AO

The Need for Speed (Bumps)

At entrance of AO line up on speed bump

1-2-3- Sprint . . . 75% to next corner of Large Parking Lot

1-2-3-Sprint . . . 85% to corner next to Coupon Pile

1-2-3-Sprint . . . 95% to next corner

1-2-3-Sprint . . . 100% to the Village Gate!

1-2-3-Sprint . . . 100% from Village Gate back into the AO & stop at the Stop Sign

1-2-3-Sprint . . . 100% to 1st Tree

1-2-3-Sprint . . . 100% to end of Parking Lot

Recovery mosey to Shovel Flag


YHC – 20 Flutterkicks IC; Castaway – 20 Heel Raises IC; ERC – 20 Supermans IC

6:00 – Time Called

COR – 3


Announcements: Castaway is going to auto-fill the Village Q Sheet based on last month. Check the Q Sheet for your designated day(s) (Contact Castaway if you have a conflict). Freed to Bleed – 12.30.2020 @ Carolina Community Center; GrowRuck Sign-ups

Prayers for family & friends; prayers for Callboy (TheRepublic) daughter who is undergoing spinal surgery.

Moleskin: Great work today! It was an honor to lead and re-introduce the Sharknado. Let’s continue moving forward without forgetting where we came from!







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