Back to the Republic!

Back to the Republic!

Workout Date:





Sanford (FNG), Site Work, Super Dave, Big Wheels, Goldberg

The Thang:

First time on Q since before Hurricane Florence duties called. Only 2nd time posting in same time, so I was rusty calling it out! One minute warning and we circled up. I gave the disclaimer and we were off in a pleasant 50ish degrees.

I was introduced to our FNG, and was glad for him to be there so I could modify and make sure I still knew the exicon, how to count cadence, and could keep up myself. The beat downs will eventually return!

COP_ imperial walkers, TTT, windmills, arm circles forward/reverse, and SSH in cadence to open up the breathing a bit and loosen up some joints and muscles.

Main Thang- easy mosey to the back of the city annex. I immediately got  mumble chatter when the saw the coupons I had prestaged. They were unused sandbags, inspected to insure no pathogens, but filled with good sand clay instead of sand, and much heavier than normal. We assembled the short side of the sandlot and I briefed the PAX. A DORA type workout of 100 merkins, 100 LBC’s, 100 mountain climbers, and 100 plankjacks. All done while the other partner carried 2 coupons across and back. We finished up and took a mosey to rest and recover.

Back to the sandlot where a clever PAX suggested we rerack the coupons before the next set of work! How truly clever indeed, but no spup for you. A 2nd round of DORA was 100 SSH, 100 big boy sit ups, 100 merkins, and 100 American hammers while your partner carried 1 coupon this time.

(Side note- much mirth was had over “leaky sacks” and “my sack is heavier than your sack”) CHILDREN!!!

We completed the task, took another mosey to recover. We stopped on Main Street for a set of #22kills to honor the memories of the 22 servicemen and women that commit suicide daily. Do not forget their efforts and sacrifices to give us freedom.

NOW we could “grab your sack” and return it. Easy mosey to the SF to finish.

Announcements and prayer requests were taken/made. I read part of 2 Corinthians 5 and reminded us we are ambassadors for F# to share our experiences there. But, the main thing is we are ambassadors for Christ!


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