BB 3/22/18 The Riviera

BB 3/22/18 The Riviera

Workout Date:





Whittle, High Cotton, Bluegrass, Tag Team, Peach, Grunt, Magnum, Goldberg

The Thang:

A cold front blew in, and we were greeted by a 37 degree morning. Come on July! I gave the 1 minute warning and then the disclaimer.

The warm up was 20 IC accelerating SSH then 12 merkins. 20 IC TTT then 12 LBC’s. 20 IC imperial walkers and 12 merkins. And finally 20 windmills IC. All of these were accelerating to really jumpstart the program.

I introduced the theme of legs and lungs as we eased to the top of the lot. From there, we did 25 squats, 25 skiers, and 25 jump squats. A short 20 yard SPRINT to a traffic island. Drop to 20, sprint and decrease by 5 until you hit 10. The sprints were very hard as the leg work left jelly legs and the weird feeling of trying to walk on ice as I ran.

A set of 12 LBC’s, 12 merkins, and 12 more LBC’s had us halfway through a gross of 12 exercises at 12 reps- half merkins and half LBC’s.

The next legs were 25 2-count mountain climbers, same for plank jacks, then standing jacks- somebody tell me what the exicon calls them- like SSH but no arm movements??? Sprint the 20 yards and descend by 5 until you hit 20. A set of 12 merkins and 12 LBC’s set up the finale.

A little mumble chatter after the jump squats to sprints was oozing out, but it really started now. 25 lunges per leg then the sprint. Descend by 5 until you hit a 10 count. OUCH OUCH OUCH is all I can say. And it is also what everyone else was saying about my “ambitious” goal. I can’t believe I got pushback when I only had us doing lunges- no other legs- it SHOULD have been easy. We made it work and finished. A set of 12 merkins and 12 LBC’s should have allayed the anger, but we were not through with legs yet!

The last set was everyone grouped up alternating between 5 2-count jacks and 5 2-count skiers. One PAX would sprint the width of the lot, about 35 yards down then back. Next PAX went while we looked like dancing fools. The last set was done and we finished the gross of merkins and LBC’s with the last set of 12 each.

Circle up and Mary time for flutter kicks. Mosey to the other side for a variation for more flutters- which normally stress abs and back, but today, were HOT on the legs.

Line up on the sidewalk by Mill Pond Road for #22kills to remember the 22 veterans that commit suicide daily.

Announcements and prayer requests we made, and I prayed us out.

This is usually the end of the post, but today, I was reminded of the greatness of F3.

I was approached at the end, and really got a boost for why I do, and why we do, what we do.

I was thanked by a PAX for the Q, and was told how much F3 means, how it has been life-changing, and how it has filled a void nothing else can now fill. It worked because on day 1, posting as an FNG at a workout I Q’ed, somebody stopped to pick up the six, and it was him that day. Because a PAX waited and encouraged him, he is here for the duration now. I know I get wrapped up in my own workout, and pay attention to my pain, my struggles, and my form- but I usually keep an eye out to go back and help the six. I did not that day because I was on Q, but another PAX decided he was not going to leave that man behind! That one action has shown an FNG who is now a PAX we care. He shared with me the first thought was this is a workout group, but he soon learned we talk and we all have problems, struggles, and issues we need to share. He was so impressed because he desperately needed to share and have other men come long beside him, and when he needed it, we were there.

F3 Nation- think about that. Not “I am F3”, or “F3 Me”. But F3 Nation. A collective group of men, beaten, broken, hurt, struggling, longing, and wanting someone alongside us. People with the same issues, who now have some answers, and a word to share to encourage and help lead that man where God has called him to be.




All words I do not use lightly to describe why we, F3 Nation, do what we do.

The DRP is a daily choice, and oftentimes, hard to swallow. But, I will take it more often, more easily, and more seriously as what we do matters.

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