Beach body or bust!

Beach body or bust!

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Boxcar, Rubber, Skidmark, Kitten

The Thang:

The Thang:

Conditions 38 degrees with a light NNW wind

After an exciting weekend at the swamp fox YHC was little slow to post and after thursday at the village YHC noticed his knee was still on the sore side.  It was then decided today would be a great day to work on the upper body to get ready for upcoming surf and swim season!


Disclaimer was given @ 530




Windmills x 25 IC

LBACx25 forward and 25 reverse

Since no ruckers showed YHC decided to test the knee with a big lap around the village soccer fields ending at the cement blocks

We started with a traditional  DORA 1,2,3,2,1

100-Merkins, 200 overhead press, 300 curls, 200 tricep extensions, 100 squats.  Pax not doing the sets could run a small lap in the parking lot or carry the Q-pon the short distance of the lot and back.  YHC did mostly the latter. Once the men had crushed their arms we kept moving.

Slow mosey toward 17 bypass with recital of the 5 core principals of F3.  Since the PAX aced the quiz only 10 burpees were accrued.  Then Mosey on around the soccer fields where we stopped mid way for another 10 pack of burpees.  We ended back at the flag for some Mary.  Since YHC brought the pain to them PAX were allowed to return the favor for Mary.



Flutter kicks x 20 IC

bigboys x 20 OYO

Moutain climber x 20 IC

Freddy mercury x 20 IC

American hammers x 20 IC



Announcements-Dragon boat still needs warm bodies, International Drive 5k and 10k april 29, Get signed up for the mud run!


As always it was a pleasure to lead this group of HIM!




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