Because they ASK!

Because they ASK!

Workout Date:



Runoff (QIC)


Magnum, Grasspatch, Whittle, Tag Team, Peach, Etch-A-Sketch, Spreadsheet, Wonton, Big Wheelz, Bluegrass, Runoff (QIC)

The Thang:

The Thang:
Condition: Light Fog and Misting Rain, Temps on the rise from the mid 60’s.
Reminiscent of a humid August morning.

Although I got to the AO about 20 minutes early to check things out (esp bridge), evidently Grasspatch was worried about me showing up… I get my 5 minute warning text: “Are you on the way?” LOL! Maybe I have handed him one too many #excusebags! But you never know what a guy in the car business is driving, so I jump out the truck parked behind him and we are ready to roll!
Honestly, I have had a very inconsistent Fall, due to life schedule and a back injury. BUT I was honored to lead this PAX again. Seems we really miss the brotherhood more than we realize as a #kotter. I had planned for a litter dryer conditions than we found, but made some changes on the fly. So I find that I usually stress too much on making up a strong #winkie.

One Minute Warning

Disclosure: Non-pressional, modify as needed, form is important, here at your own accord.
(This disclosure also included my recent weight gain because of Holidays and laying out)

Circle Up:
Warm up COP:
SSHx25, IC
Imp Walkers x 25, IC
Windmill x 25,
Mosey on the sidewalk to the Fitness Center stop for
Burpies x 15 OYO
Mosey on to the Guardrail and do 25 Dips IC
Mosey to the Hill at the football field for sprints up the hill mixed with Mercans and Squats 11-1
Mosey to Tract field for PAX CHOICE with a partner Dora Style.
100 LBC’s
50 Turkish
40 Mercans
Mosey back to the Rec Center mixing in Careoca, Bear Craw, and Wall Sits.
Mosey back to AO for a total of 2.93 miles of Mosey!
Back @AO with 4 Minutes to wrap it up!

Super Bowl Workout coming up
Prayers for Taylor (AMS Student) family, and the staff
Friday Morning Kettle Balls

We discuss the pain of Peter after denying Christ as he is taken away to the cross. The Bible says he “wept.” I can only imagine his pain for turning his back on his leader and brotherhood. We are called to encourage others and show up and hold each other accountable. Special thanks to Etcha-sketch and Grasspatch for getting me back on track. Otherwise I would have backslid… physically and spiritually!

Glad to be back and healthy. Thank you for allowing me to lead. I enjoyed the #mumberchatter this morning while getting better together!
It was an honor to lead!

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