Been a long time

Been a long time

Workout Date:





Bob the Builder, Sitework, Peach, PertPlus (QIC)

The Thang:

Nice 56° morning.

No body signed up for Q, so YHC took over after planting the shovel flag in the ground.

Warmup was typical, SSH, TTT, Windmills, LBAC, and Burpees. We missed to the parking lot next to the tennis court and partnered up. Here we did a DORA with 100 Merkins, 200 Hammers, and 300 LBCs whilst taking turns running to the other side of the lot.

We then saddled up to the rail for 3 sets of 10 each dips, incline and decline merkins.

Since the city placed cones in the street YHC figured we needed to take advantage of them. Bear crawl then lunges each cone. Then some speed work with a suicide drill.

Mosey to blocks for curls, presses, and deadlifts.

Finish out with more hammers.

Christmas is coming! AO will be closed in observation of our saviors birth!

Announcements and prayer requests.

Sitework prayed us out.


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