Before the rains came

Before the rains came

Workout Date:





Buford (Area 51), Gold Digger, Bob the Builder (Crossroads), Off Shore (Richmond, VA), Viagra, Cubby, Beaker

The Thang:

There was an opening at #Timeshare and Beaker asked me if I was interested.  In order to work toward my patch requirements this Q made perfect sense.   This summer has been enjoyable with all the visiting PAX and this morning was no different.  So here we go:



SSH X 20

10 Jump Squats

TTT x 15

Monkey Humpers x 15

Imperial Walkers x 15

Hillbillies x 15

LBAC x12

Reverse LBAC x 12

Overhead Claps x 12

Sun Gods x 12

Overhead Press x 12

long time holding the arms out #Crowdpleaser


Mosey toward Park


Toy Soldier


Butt Kickers


At Picnic Shelter

Partner Up for 3 sets of 10 Abyss Merkins and Dips


Mosey to Fountain – don’t let the sprinklers get you wet (unless you want to)

Sole of the feet against the wall

10 CDD

10 Pike Press

Walk out to Plank 10 Merkins and hold plank for 10

Rinse and repeat x 3


Mosey back to Picnic Shelter

Partner Up for 3 sets of 5 Abyss Merkins and Dips

Jack Webb up to 5


Mosey back to start

Rope Stretch

2 minutes left

Mary Jack Webb up to 6




As we get to the cars, the sky starts to open up.  We made it just in time.

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