Bend it like Boxcar

Bend it like Boxcar

Workout Date:



Texas Ranger


Rousey, Rocky Top, The Intern, Brownbag (Respect), Crainkbait, Skidmark (AOQ), Rubber, El Red Cardo, Texas Ranger (QIC)

The Thang:


Mid 60’s, Perfect

YHC went to a Catapult beatdown a few weeks ago with Flop on Q, where he had us tote a soccer ball around the whole time. I remembered it being pretty effective, so what is the best way to honor somebody? Straight up steal their weinke!

I hit up Boxcar (our resident soccer coach) to see if he would be able to spare some soccer balls for this morning’s beatdown. He said of course, but that he was going to miss out because he was headed to ruck. No big deal, honestly that was probably better (or worse?) for the rest of us.  Showed up to the AO around 05:10 to see that Rousey was already there waiting for me. Went to check out the field conditions and lay out a couple of cones for the beatdown to come.

Got back to see Skidmark pull up, followed by Brownbag, and then the flood gates opened and about 5 more #HIM all arrived around the same time.

Quick intro and disclaimer given and we’re off!


SSH x 20 IC, Windmill x 20 IC, LBAC x 20 IC, LBAC IR x 20 IC, TTT x 20 IC, 22 Merkins (#22kills)

This is where I opened up the bed of my truck and introduced the PAX to their workout partners for the morning. Everybody grabbed a ball and we moseyed to the corner closest to the field.

The THANG – F3 Golf
Birdie = Pax Choice of exercise x 15

Par = My choice of exercise

Bogey = Par exercise plus 5 burpee penalty for each bogey

“Hole 1” – Par 4 (wooden siding by the Students Center)

Since El Red Cardo was the only soccer player amongst us, he led us off with a great first drive/kick and set us up for an easy par. 20 Alternating merkins on the ball

“Hole 2” – Par 3 (Scoreboard)

Ended up bogeying this one. 30 mountain climbers on the ball (count right leg only) + 5 burpees

“Hole 3” – Par 3 (Table outside of the fence)

Double Bogey! 40 Ronaldo’s (rocky balboa’s on the ball) + 10 burpees

“Hole 4” – Par 5 (Concrete pillar by the student center) 

Bogey again! 15 burpees + 5 burpee penalty


Partner up for some modified DORA – back to the field!


P1 – Jump ball pickups (place the ball between your legs, jump, and pickup the ball – only counts if you catch the ball)

P2 – sprint to midfield and back

Switch and repeat until finished


P1 – Merkins (alternating hands on the ball – maybe I wasn’t clear, bc some PAX finished surprisingly quickly…)

P2 – Sprint to midfield and back

150: later changed to 130 for time

P1 – V-Up crunches with the ball (Place ball between legs, hold 6″, crunch up, grab the ball and back down over your head, back up and place the ball between your legs and back down) count each time the ball goes down with your feet

P2 – Bear crawl about 20 yards and back

5 Min. of Mary

Plank – Alternating hands and legs up

Heels to Heaven (with the ball) x 15

American Hammers x 15 IC


Count-O-Rama – 9

Announcements – Team Dad, tomorrow night at Carolina Forest Elementary. Check Slack for more details and/or get with Rousey for more information. Dragon Boat practice on Friday night at 6:45PM – also check Slack for more info. Tomorrow at Warthog, the news will be out if anybody wants to get on TV. If you don’t go to Warthog, come out to the Village at 05:15 for what I am sure will be a great Quaker beatdown (dude always brings it). Of course, stick around for Q Source following the beatdown. Always great discussions and I encourage you to check it out. Its never too late to jump in on the discussion.
Prayer requests – Unspoken


Texas Ranger

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