Better Late Than Never

Better Late Than Never

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OneCall, Mudslide, Rousey, Flyover, Say What, Sandman, Bluegrass,

The Thang:

Sorry for the Delay in getting this backblast out, YHC has been a little busy this past week.

Last Friday was an awesome one For Beachbealls.  I feel like this workout is starting to catch hold and more and more PAX are wanting to see what it is all about.  All are sore most come back!

Conditions were perfect but lets face it if they weren’t we were still going toss weights around like MEN!

Pre stretch to get ready for the beatdown.

Say What had just recovered from the prior weeks beatdown so he was in great shape and ready.  #Tclaps for coming back again!

Same routine as always, circuit training with different body parts.

1st- Always start with swings to get the body ready. 10x of each weight

2nd- Shoulders, high rows, shrugs, over head press, slosh bar press (awesome new toy! #Tclasps to MUDSLIDE

3rd- Chest- Manmakers 10x each weight while 3 other Pax do benchpress/squat combo

4th- Arms- Bi and Tris ALL DAY!! FEEL THE PUMP Curls and extensions 10X

5th circle back to swings to finish out the day.


YHC lead us out


Awesome work was done by all and all gave great effort.  I appreciate that very much, no one cheats, they do the weights and move on.

It is always a privilege to workout with you men but to Lead you is much more than that.  I Thank you all for the opportunity.


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