Blame it on the Judge

Blame it on the Judge

Workout Date:





O’douls (CP AOQ), Judge Judy, Rousey (R, (Co 3rd FQ)), Candy Cane, Elmers (R), Killington, Laces, Pikachu QIC (Co 3Rd FQ)

The Thang:

AO Catapult

Conditions Breezy with a hint Smack Talk

I always try to throw at least one crazy idea into the mix and today was no exception.  I made up my Plan the night before and threw a few ideas in the mix and see what happens from there. Sometimes an on the flight audible is needed due to the off the wall things I come up with.

Typically I’m the crowd heckler but I got a taste of what I dish out and it was great. Judge Judy was in full fledge trash talk mode today. Someone pissed in his corn flakes and it may have been me last week and he’s still a bit bitter over it. 🤷🏻‍♂️.


One minute warning

Proper disclaimer, all though O’douls, Killington and Laces were having a slumber party off in the corner so Rousey kept me straight and honest on my disclaimer.


All exercises were in cadence

20 Harry Rocketts, 15 Tempo Squats, (At this point JJ was complaining cause all we were warming up was legs) 15 Skiers. 15 LBAC F (10 merkins) 15 LBAC R (10 merkins), 15 Seal Claps (10 Merkins) 15 OHC (10 Merkins) 15 Cherry Pickers, (Now upper body warmed up Judge!) 15 Imperial Walkers. Wait no SSH. How can it be!

We went to get a block and off to the small parking lot by student center


Instructions we’re Crab Walk with block on lap. A set of 11’s with Diamond and Wide arm Merkins was the plan and the design was to smoke the shoulders and upper body. Only me and Candy Cane actually did this. Judge Judy called an audible become apparently this was to difficult for our resident Olympic runner. He lunge walked so didn’t feel the pain of the upper body smoke fest I had planned. He and most others took the east way out. Hey you vs you right. But smack talk without being able to back up. Hmmm.

Anyway this was taking forever so about 3/4 was through I called an audible and mosey to the cross.

Partner up for 150 decline merkins while partner 2 mosey to sand pile and back

mosey to concession area, partner up for 200 flop specials to smoke the quads.

Take blocks back and circle up

Instead of  Mary I decided to do merkins for the Judge. He was so concerned about leg day that I decided to do a chest blaster.

10 oyo Merkins. Wide arm, Diamond, crucible, Ranger. Right in time to call it quits. We did allot of merkins today and I hate merkins. Like with a passion I hate them. But you guys bring that side out of me to enjoy them!


solid work men, I enjoyed it and appreciate and love all of you!



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