New Directions Needs a Name

New Directions Needs a Name

Workout Date:





Nedry, Federer (FNG), Skidmark (QIC)

The Thang:

Conditions:  Upper 70s and rain in the forecast.

7:30:  3 PAX ready to put in work.  A couple men from shelter said more were coming so we put off the start for a while.

7:45:  3 men it is.  Disclaimer

COP:  15 SSH IC, 15 TTT IC, 15 Windmill IC, 15 Imp Walker IC, 15 Standing Mtn Climber IC, 15 LBAC IC, 15 LBAC Reverse IC, 15 OH Press IC, 15 OH Clap IC, 15 Cherry Picker IC

Upper and lower body routing with Federer and Skidmark together and Nedry as partner PAX.  (Used for Routine 1 and 2 below.)

Routine 1

  • PAX 1 did 10 Merkins while PAX 2 held Plank.  Alternated until 40 completed total.  Mosey to other end of parking lot.
  • PAX 1 did 10 Squats while PAX 2 held Al Gore.  Alternated until 40 completed total.  Mosey back to other side of parking lot.
  • Above 2 steps repeated with Carolina Dry Docks, Lunges, Wide Arm Merkins, & Sumo Squats.

Boxcar 11s (from short routine done by Boxcar)

  • PAX 1 runs to other end of parking lot and does 11 Jump Squats while PAX 2 holds Al Gore.
  • PAX 2 runs to other end of parking lot and does 10 Jump Squats while PAX 1 holds Al Gore.
  • This is repeated until done.

Routine 2

  • Same set up as other routine but this focused on core.  A PAX held 6 inches while other PAX did LBCs, Flutter Kicks, Box Cutters, Hello Dollys, V Ups, and Big Boys.  Again going to total of 40 (except Big Boys we did just 10 each as rain pelted our face and time was running low).

Jack Webbs – Merkins and OH Press up to 8 and 32.

Time!  (Still put in solid 45 minutes.)

Welcome Federer – he put in hard work!

New Directions still needs a name.  We didn’t discuss due to lack of PAX there to vote on it.  Previous suggestions were TheAlamo or Pitstop.

Honor to Q!  3 in 6 days!

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