Blinded by the Light

Blinded by the Light

Workout Date:





Straplock, Site Work, Latex, Barney, Quaker (QIC)

The Thang:

Conditions: 78 degrees, slightly humid

The Republic Q sheet was calling my name. I noticed late Friday that Monday’s Q was blank; I checked back periodically to see who would take it. Every time I checked the vacancy a little voice whispered to me,”Do it . . .Do it” (#Starsky&Hutch). The voice kept getting louder & louder until I hammer the keys on the Q-sheet Request Sunday morning. “LET’S DO IT!!(#Bluto/AnimalHouse). I was pumped, this would be my 3rd visit to the Water Tower & my 2nd Q there in a week. There is something exciting about this AO: The Bridge, the Water Tower and especially the PAX. As I arrived, Straplock and Site Work were congregating nearing the Tower ready to go. We administered proper greeting and formed a 3 man COP (#triangle).

1 minute warning


Circle 1 – 25 SSH IC; 25 TTT IC; (Barney and Latex joined us to complete the circle); 25 Windmills IC; 10 Burpees

Mosey to the Bridge

Circle 2 – 21 Imperial Walkers IC; 21 Hill Billies IC; 22 Merkins

Mosey under the Bridge to far end

Circle 3 – 25 Little Baby Arm Circles IC; 25 Reverse IC; 25 Overhead Claps IC; 25 Real Cherry Pickers IC; 10 Burpees

Mosey to Municipal Parking Lot

Circle 4 – 40 Flutter Kicks IC; 25 Big Boy Sit-ups OYO; 25 Mountain Climbers IC; 10 Burpees

Mosey to street next to Courthouse

35 Rocky Balboas IC (double time for last 10); 15 Incline Merkins IC

Mosey to Parking Lot behind Courthouse


11’s: Starting at far end of parking lot Run to Cement Island (30 yrds) for 10 Merkins; Run back for 1 Squat – – Turn & Burn to Cement Island for 9 Merkins; Turn & Burn for 2 Squats at the starting line. Turn & Burn, etc., etc. until we do 1 Merkin and 10 Squats.

Line up on starting line for Parking Lot Suicide Sprints (30  yrds, 70 yrds. 110 yrds, 130 yrds)(#allguesstiments) after each Suicide we plank on the starting line until all PAX return. Count down  3,2,1 Рnext Suicide, then Plank; etc., etc.

After final Suicide we Planked: Right arm up, neutral, left arm up, neutral, right leg up, neutral, left leg up, neutral, right arm out in front, neutral, left arm out in front, neutral.

Mosey back to Shovel Flag (#stillgettingrepaired??)

Mary around the horn: 15 Box-cutters IC (Quaker); 15 American Hammers IC (Site Work); 15 Plank Jacks IC (Strap-Lock); 15 Merkins OYO (Latex); 25 LBC’s (Barney); 1 minute left (#extracredit); 15 Shoulder Taps (Quaker); 20 Monkey Humpers IC(#crowdpleaser)(Site Work)

Time Called



Name-O-Rama – Blinded by the Light (#cameraflash) as I recorded

Announcements: Saturday Beatdowns at the Riviera @ 6am followed by Coffeteria; Training Wheels at Republic followed by Coffeteria with Riviera PAX.

Prayers: Barney’s Sons finishing bootcamp; Teachers, Students, and All School Employees during this 1st week of School; Safe travels for all who are viewing the Eclipse this afternoon.


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