Bling……? Bling……? Does anyone see Bling?

Bling……? Bling……? Does anyone see Bling?

Workout Date:





Geno, Billboard, Rafiki, Varsity, Flash, BOGO, Podcast, Hoser, Turn and Cough, Bubbles, Weedeater, Whittle, Lombardi, Bluegrass (QIC)

The Thang:

So Bling had mentioned a couple days ahead of this workout that he was likely going to Ruck a ton of miles before the workout as my Q was not going to be up to his standards. With that information in mind, I remembered how bad everyone at Warthog seemed to hate the Evil Elevens that I led a couple months back so I knew this would be a great beat down for Bling. Saturday morning rolls around and we are all starting to gather up and it’s looking like a solid crowd with serval PAX from distant AOs and then I noticed that Bling was running late. To keep to the schedule and make sure we stayed on track we started without him because I knew he was going to show up after that solid HC he gave and the little dig at my Q’ing efforts. After several minutes it was evident that Bling was not going to show up, Im sure he probably has some lengthy lame excuse that he and Geno have used a million times but, as everyone knows, excuses are invalid after a HC. As we made our way to the stairwell several guys began to put it together on what was about to happen and immediately began complaining, I took that opportunity to explain why we were doing this and made sure they knew that this all started with Bling and he was to blame.

On a serious note, everyone really pushed it during this workout which was a lengthy OYO style workout because of the change from going up and down the stairs to up the stairs and then all the way down the parking garage driving lanes. I always enjoy coming to Warthog because they seem to always have visiting
PAX and there are so many options that can be used in a beatdown. Thanks for having me and looking forward to next time!!

20-SSHs IC
10-Merkins OYO
15-Wind Mills IC
Bear Crawl Bridge
20-Dips OYO
20 –Diamond Merkins OYO
20-Dips OYO
Mosey to Parking Garage

The Thang!

Evil Elevens
Burpees at the Bottom and Turkish Getups at the top, using the stairs to go up and run the garage levels on the way down.

Captain Thor 1 to 4 ratio going up to 8 to32
Bear crawl the bridge
Little Mermaid 1 to 4 ratio going up to 6 to 24

Count o Rama
Name o Rama
Prayed for the group

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