Bling’ s Gherkin. If you were there then you know.

Bling’ s Gherkin. If you were there then you know.

Workout Date:



The Thang:

On Friday YHC saw the the Q for this mornings maverick was open so why not step up and take it. The announcement was made and the request for bags and rucks was delivered. Now time to come up with a beatdown that would meet our standards, or at least steal one that would crush it. Thank you GoRuck Tribe and Training.

The weather was a balmy 47º with a feel like temperature of 45º. As always a slight breeze was to be expected at Doug Shaw. YHC arrived a little early to get some much needed stretching in. The elevation run day group was out in the parking lot too afraid to enter the arena. Bling and One Call arrived with Valvano following shortly behind.

Bling, channeling his inner limitless self e.g. Christ Hemsworth, and striped down to his shorts and shirt. We did a 400 meter warm up lap and around the 300 meter mark it looked like Bling was smuggling some peculiar produce.

After we finished the warm up the real fun began.

Round 1

400 meter sandbag bear hug carry with ruck

20 ruck swings

400 meter zercher carry. (sandbag across your forearms, elbows at 90º)

20 ruck tricep extentions

400 meter sandbag back carry (normal carry)

20 ruck swings

Round 2

4 sets of

100 meter sandbag suite case carry

10 sandbag over the shoulder (pick up the sandbag and toss it over your shoulder)

10 sandbag drag and pull (plank position drag the sandbag with one arm, pull it back with the other. That’s one)

400 meter recover lap slick

Round 3

Time was not our friend this morning, and we were unable to complete round three. However YHC still had about 10 minutes to work with, so why not do part of the PT component.

10 man makers with sandbag (merkin, into a dead lift, into a bent over row, into a clean, into a thruster. That’s 1.)

50 leg lifts holding the ruck over your head.


Prayer Requests

Valvano is getting some good news about a potential new job

Boxcar has a soccer player who’s dad died unexpectedly over the weekend.

YHC prayed us out with the boys from elevation run day.