Block, bling beatdownish ***Snap***

Block, bling beatdownish ***Snap***

Workout Date:





Manziel, Malpractice (3x respect), Chicken little, Quicksand, Viagra (respect)

The Thang:

Conditions – favorable – breeze 10-15 mph – nippy 29 deg – felling like 20

05:00 – arrival to AO to begin setup

Manziel, MP, CL, V,

05:15 – Time

Disclaimer & Spotify F3 beatdown playlist

S.ide S.tradle H.ops – x20 IC          Quicksand(on 2 wheels)

I.mperial W.alkers – x20 IC

Merkins – x10  OYO

T.hrough T.he T.unnel – x20 IC

Merkins – x10  OYO

M.ountain C.limbers – x 20 IC

Merkins – x10 OYO

Yesterday in preparation YHC sent the smoke signal of the digital world to the Timeshare pax text channel… For any and all HC’s

Response was johnny on the spot and we gained all but one that HC’d **uh um **(handstand)

I had a weinke of sorts planned for Tuesday then realized we had the honorable Jetah on Q so I agreed to have CL put me on the cold seat for today!

Blocks, newly blinged Blocks were the coupons of choice! We had recently reclaimed them from the folks out back where we had neatly stacked them out of sight out of mind we thought!

YHC hauled them around in my truck just for good times sake in case we got ice and snow, then the transmission in black beauty crapped out… dead in the water. Anyway, it was time to label the coupons with appropriate F3 stenciling … Done!

I had sent a rash of photos in the text thread to hint to the plan being formulated… 10 F3 blocks … need at least 8 pax to pull the whole thang off…. if not 8 pax … need a transportation device, little red wagon. Photographer… Flag carrier… etc. Chicken little came through on the red wagon (RIP wagon) IYKYK

The beatdown consisted of this…

After the epic warmup …

All Pax get a block except for MP… he’s on wagon duty

Mosey to the horseshoe

Plant flag … Line up with blocks

Drag your blocks to the stage… stack in pyramid for photo op! Snap… check!

Load up and head to next location

Buoys facing large parking area … stack pyramid photo

Load up and head to the fountain in the park

Onlooker shouted to CL  something about his sack! ” yall got larger balls than I”! CL responded not right now!

Fountain … poor little red wagon that did broke off a wheel

Onward 3 wheels will work

25 man makers with block

Photo at the fountain

Mosey toward yoga mat … time is running out… paused at ball field … stack for photo op

After the goal of getting the various photo ops with the help of the pax hauling blocks all was done.

Headed back to AO

Photo at the AO .. check

The idea with having a larger number of pax would be more block work and posing with coupons.

There will be more gloom days for more ops.

Load up blocks for Manziel cause he wanted to prepare for a potential snow storm.


Count arama – 6 pax made it back   10 blocks flag and limping wagon made it back

Announcements – check slack- Freed to Bleed Feb 4th get a time slot selected- Shield lock challenge up and coming- Sign up to Q – Malpractice VQ coming soon!


Prayers for Viagra travel to visit family

YHC prayed out

Honor to lead


Saturday – 06:00-07:00 Manziel on Q









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