Blocks, Burpees and BearCrawls, Oh My

Blocks, Burpees and BearCrawls, Oh My

Workout Date:





Bob the Builder, Punchlist, Whittle, Sparty, GrassPatch, Grunt, Tag Team, HoeDown (QIC)

The Thang:

Pre-run: YHC was happy to have Sparty join him on an “easy-does-it” 2 miler to get the legs moving for the day.  The weather was prestine and the pace was relaxing.

One Minute Warning

Disclaimer was given


  • SSH IC
  • Through The Tunnel IC
  • Windmills IC

Mosey around behind the Big Box to grab some 8x8x16″ coupons. Mosey across the road to the soccer parking lot.

50 Burpees (10 Burpees a minute for 5 minutes).

Find a date for some Dora facing the incline hill.

Dora: While PaxA exercised PaxB grabbed a cinder block in each hand, farmer’s carry up the hill, touched the fence and returned.  FlapJack for 100 Merkins, 200 Big Boys, and 300 Squats.

Mosey back to rack our weights.

Mosey to the C3 parking lot and grab a white line.

  • There: Bear Crawl across the lot while performing 2 Merkins on each line.
  • Back: Lt Dan’s (lunge walk with 2 squats on each line)

Mosey back to #SF, line up in a circle on your six.

Flutter Kicks IC




  • Friday: Southern Bells and Hasselhoff
  • Saturday: Dragon Boat Festival
  • Sunday: International Drove Road Race


We shared prayer concerns and a word from Scripture.

Prayed it out…..


Moleskin:  As always, leading is an honor and a privilege that is granted by the particpating Pax. Thank you for the opportuniy to serve in a small way today. As we talked in reference to our scripture passage. “Men make their plans, but God orders our steps.” So make big plans and walk with Jesus every step of the way.  Even if you get put on detour, enjoy the scenery and know there is a reason for the journey. Just trust the Lord and let him guide your steps every inch of the way.


HoeDown. Out.



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