Blocks Scorcher with some inappropriate fun

Blocks Scorcher with some inappropriate fun

Workout Date:





Doughboy, Cross Stitch, Beefstake (BS AOQ) Elmers (R), Baggage, Spork, Rousey ((Co 3F Q)R), Skimmer (R), First Base, Candycane, Quaker (R), Single Barrel, Pikachu QIC Co 3Rd FQ

The Thang:

I was excited about todays Q. I had mixed a little old with a little new and came up with my own CSAUP without driving 100 miles or paying for. Hit the social media last night with a fair warning to anyone who wanted to push themselves that todays workout was not going to be easy but had a good modifier (that’s wasn’t easy) but easier than what I came up with.

Talked with Rousey the day before and invited me to pre run with him as Candy Cane put the pre run out as well. Only Quaker dared to pre run the 3-4 miles from early riser. AO pre run was Rousey, Beefstake, Pikachu and eventually First Base for a 2 mile pre run. Pre run worked out perfectly since I didn’t do my usual 50/50 strength and Cardio. I went 90% strength today.

I put out the Freed to bleed shovel flag in the parking lot both as a stopping point and what the Pax we about to experience.

One minute warning. Asked FB to be my timer as I don’t have a watch. He tried to trick me at the 1 minute to the 1 minute warning. Well Played FB.

Proper Disclaimer and Mission Statement


All IC 20 Harry Rocketts, 15 Tempo Squats, 15 LBAC F,R, Seal Claps & OHP & 2.0 SSH as I had enough of the warmup. Time to get to work

Told the Pax for everyone to grab two large cinder blocks and if not enough grab two paver stones. First part of the workout was just carrying the blocks to the large parking lot.

Instructed pax to line up along fence and partner up. And grab a partner that has opposite blocks as you.

Round 1

P1 Grab to blocks any size and lunge walk to shovel flag and back.

P2 Grab two blocks and do single arm block curls. Modifier was single block but 4 count to offset 200 Count

So you do curls with a block then carry the blocks for lunges. Never putting the blocks down. Each round same idea

Mosey around the AO for arm relief as this workout was all arms and legs.. This first set, set the tone and mumble chatter what’s strong of an oh sh&@ moment.

Round 2

P1 grab two block and four count squats. Walk three steps do a squat with a block in each hand.

P2 Tricep ext each earn with a block. Or four count single block modifier. 200 count basically never putting blocks down.

Short mosey for a rest

Round 3

P1 two blocks with lunge walk, same as round 1

P2 Single arm front raise with blocks. Modifier was two count front raise. 200 count

Round 4

P1 mosey to opposite side of parking lot

P2 Lay on back grab two blocks and butterfly press blocks. 200 count. By now paxs are smoked and no gas left. Block fun has worn off and everyone just wants to be done. The honeymoon phase was quick.

somewhere in here some inappropriate conversations were had about 3” and making a mess and not really for a BB but mumble chatter got a little more fun as the workout ended, good time had by all.

Time to take the blocks and stack them.  Ow that we all are smoked we have to carry the blocks for another 500 yards.


Count-o-Rama 13



Freed to Bleed Feb 4th

Charity Water See slack for details or Cross Stitch or Pikachu

Q Source Tuesdays via Zoom

Catapult Anniversary Feb 17 (Actually 19th) and AOQ handoff Feb 24.

Bombsquad Handoff sometime in February. Apparently this will be a surprise and like a well planned surprise party as no date is given.

YHC prayed us out

Honor to lead and I really enjoyed this one.





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