Breaking in the New Shirts

Breaking in the New Shirts

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Sade, Tiny Dancer, Burgundy, Surf and Turf, Axelrod, Hot Tub (respect) a few more

The Thang:

65 and chilly this morning


YHC popped up on slack last week to see that Castaway needed somebody to walk the plank on Thursday, and having yet to have the pleasure of Q’in at this awesome AO, and having the morning off, YHC stepped up for this opportunity. Having had the pleasure of working out here a few times, YHC has picked up some great ideas from past qs. Tiny Dancer, and I decided to warm up with some laps, he with a weight vest, and myself with a ruck just to get the lungs burning since we were a bit early. At 0515 on the dot the PAX start rolling in the gloom, and we performed our customary COT warm up with some side straddle hops and mericans. We proceeded on over to get some blocks and work on our four corners. On the first corner we did 21 curls for the girls, and 21 overhead presses. Next, we iron-miked over to the next corner which is when you hoist the block over head and lunge walk. Here we performed 16 blockeys, 16 bent over rows, and 16 blocks to god. Now we had some time for cardio so we did suicides with 5 burpees on every 10 yard line. On the far side we got our core worked out with 16 big boys, and 16 rowers, an army specialty I was happy to bring to the AO. On the last corner we wrapped up with American hammers, flutter kicks, hello dollies, and some monkey humpers. To wrap up we hit the stairs, and then stretched out in a COT. Prayers go out Castaway and his new younglings, those PAX going out of town for the HTL, and the Spartan Race, and those who watch over us at home and abroad. Announcements are freed to bleed, & Sasquatch.

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