Bridge Blitz

Bridge Blitz

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Valvano, Lombardi, Hoser, Boxcar, Castaway, Bling

The Thang:

1st EM of 2021!  Valvano, our esteemed AOQ asked for takers for Q’s last week for January, I grabbed EM 2021 #1!  informed the channel we would meet at Grande Dunes bridge (although today might be the last time there….!).  Bring your rucks and bags please.

YOP train pulled into lot at 0457, with V, Hoser, and Castaway ready to roll with smiles on!  Weather 48 and cloudy- just fine for elevating.  Sketchy disclaimer given as we circled up and waited for V to put his little scale away.  (apparently Boxcar’s new sandbag only weighs 25- no shocker).

rucks off as we circle up for some bag PT.  Castaway, use your ruck for this please.  #getabagCitadelboy

10 back squats

10 front squats

10 front hold good mornings

10 bent over rows

10 curls

10 triceps

now that we are loose, we will hit the bridge, and the bridge, and the bridge.  Ruck up and sand bag up.

across the bridge (pass the security gate) and over 1/2 way to the golf course road.  drop bags and immediately ruck back to the security gate.  turn around and ruck back over bridge to sand bags- grab them and ruck back over to security gate again.  (I believe this is where Lombardi make a comment about my Q.  takes talent to get him worked up!). drop both rucks and bags.

mosey over bridge and back!

0526- 4 minutes ahead of schedule!  Grab rucks and bags to head back over bridge and down road to golf course, we switched bags along the way to let Castaway feel some “suck”.  He’s young and strong- no issue there!

at the end of the course road we stopped to look for the chopper- Hoser was very upset to hear it couldn’t land here- so we had to make it all the way back over bridge, but before we left we did another round of bag PT, same totals and movements as prior.

we switched bags again on the way back, every 2-3 minutes giving someone a quick break on the 60’s (or whatever Boxcar was carrying.  Filling a bag with styrofoam usually doesn’t give you the required weight).  made it back to lot at 0550, but not before our last trip by the security gate Barney Fife got out of his lounge chair and put down his coffee to tell us we cant come thru here anymore.  What a schmuck.

8 trips over the bridge today!

Circle up- yes Valvano, we were stopping a few minutes short, you’ll be ok.  I read a devotional to the group about our faith and trust in God- that He is with us every step.  I wanted to read this and make the point about starting the new year with changes.  I want to read more devotionals and the Word, and went around the circle asking the men what habits they want to change for the NY.

Lombardi- less complaining and more water to drink

Castaway- more reaching out to people he has lost connections with

Valvano- more consistent working out

hoser- no new debt

boxcar- more patience

AWESOME all around!


Announcements- Timeshare convergence this Saturday to help ship Weasel out!

One Call- please stop cursing out Boxcar, that 25 was in grams!  his bag weighs close enough to 60!!

prayed out for group



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