Bring a Tank Top or you Will be GIVEN one!!

Bring a Tank Top or you Will be GIVEN one!!

Workout Date:





Beufort (DR PAX), Bling, One Call, Mudslide, Rousey, Lombardi (Ruck), Geno (Ruck)

The Thang:

It was a SLIGHTLY muggy Friday morning which is perfect for the Wild Men at #Beachbells.  SO YHC was excited to be back on Q and had a good lineup in store for the PAX to ensure the sweat would be pouring.

As YHC arrived the multiple PAX were setting out the weights, which by now looks like Muscle Beach, very impressive (thanks to One call and Mudslide).  I was handed a lovely new never before worn size small tank top.  I noticed we had a DR PAX (Beufort) in unaware of the mandated rules of Beachbells.  Rule #1 Tank tops are not optional either bring one or you will be given one.  Long story short, he was given one and made no fuss about it.  It was loose on Beufort before he started but by the end it barely fit ripping at the seams.  #SWOLL


Round 1- Swings to get loose, one handed and 2 handed swings depending on weight.

Round 2- Chest- 2 PAX stayed at the bells 30lbs, 40lbs, and 50lbs, and performed Man Makers rotating weights.  The other 3 pax Layed on the weight bag and benched 205lbs 10x while 2 pax held the bar on the outside when 10 reps were performed the PAX holding the weight did 10 Squats.  #BRUTAL  Switch spots with PAX when complete.

Round 3- Shoulders- Combination of Lateral raises, 2 hand straight raises, shrugs, over pressed with barbell.

Round 4- Biceps, CURLS CURLS AND MORE CURLS.  FIA was impressed I think or they were annoyed one or the other.

Round 5- Triceps- Extensions on all weights, skull crushers and close grip bench for barbell

Round 6- Man Makers with swings while other pax Did squats and bag carry.

Amazing Jobs Guys!!


It was an awesome more to workout and have Fellowship with you men, I look forward to Friday workouts.

Im Honored to lead you guys.

Prayer Requests:

My sons Knox and Eastons doctors appointment on the 29th. Prayers for healing and answers.

Safe travels and Scholls back in this week.

Unspoken Prayers.

YHC led us out.

Thanks again Men it was a pleasure.

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