Brother Si’s Beach Beast Bonanza

Brother Si’s Beach Beast Bonanza

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Brother Si (F3LakeMurray)


Crayola, Beaker, Early Bird, Viagra, Space Jam (F3 Roanoke), Flop, FNG - Call Back (F3 Roanoke), Brother Si

The Thang:

YHC  has posted to F3 Grandstrand a few times while on vacation, but it’s always been a drive to get to an AO since we are generally make our way to the North Side of the Strand. So when TimeShare opened up for business, needless to say, YHC was very pleased. And, to add to the fun, I heard there was an opportunity to earn a patch. Do something stupid for a patch? Now you’re speaking my language.

So, thanks to the hospitality of F3 Grandstrand, a blank spot was found on the Q sheet for a little Lake Murray special. And since we have hills-a-plenty in the Midlands is SC, YHC decided to share some with the pax.


The Thang:

SSH x 29 IC

Mozey to Bandstand

IW x 21 IC

TTT x 16 IC

Hillbilly x 21 IC

OHC x 31 IC


Mosey to OBC parking garage

Running up ramps, stop on each level on the way up and do 5 hand release Merkins. Once to the top, run back down, doing 5 jump squats on each level. 6 total levels.

Rinse and repeat with 4 reps each.

Flutters, mountain climbers, and BBSUs on 6.


Mosey to Public parking area Ark loader Beast.

Bear crawl 3 parking spaces, do 6 merkins. Rinse & Repeat x 3.

Then duck walk and monkey humpers.

Then lunge walk and mountain climbers.

Then crab walk and BBSU.

Then frog jump and Burpees.


Mosey home.

Flutter x 31 IC




Moleskin – It was a genuine pleasure to post with these brothers, both Tuesday and Today. Thanks for the privilege of Qing today. It’s always cool to have good men follow you. Work was done. Great effort by everyone. That parking garage was no joke. Y’all have a great thing going. Keep it up.


FNG Name Chain – Basketball is his passion, delivers snacks for a living – Tasty Cake (rejected), recently lost 60 lbs – Little Debbie (rejected) – Wore headphones through the workout – Beats (rejected) – looks like a telemarketer- Call Back

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