The Bucket Again

The Bucket Again

Workout Date:





Pert Plus, Big Wheelz and SiteWorks

The Thang:

LOCATION: The Republic

CONDITIONS: Warm with a light drizzle.

YHC on his way out of town made a planned pit-stop to the Republic AO to meet some new PAX and try to bring a quality beat-down to this crew.  The 70lb bucket that had made its way to 3 other AOs was again the main coupon to test the grit of each PAX.  I arrived early and met Pert Plus who I had heard was a drummer for the Rock Church and had a metal background.  I was tempted to pull out my playlist of Christian heavy metal music that contained classic bands like Stryper to new stuff that would probably scare you (Armageddon music), but YHC surmised that the quant and delightful little downtown of Conway was not yet ready to hear at 0515 “To Hell With the Devil” (Stryper).

Big Wheelz and SiteWorks arrived.  One minute warning. Mission and disclaimer.

Pax warmed up with 25 SSH, 25 MC, 25 TTT, 25 LBAC forwards & back and 25 dive bomber pushups.

1st circuit: 10 burpees then 25 4-count flutter kicks for a total of 4 sets with a 50 4-count set of flutters at the end.

2nd circuit: PAX partnered up and did traditional DORA 123 circuit (around the fountain) with each PAX passing the bucket down for a revolution. Each man had 2 bucket trips.  Good work men!

3rd circuit: Captain Thors with a 1:4 ratio of BBSU and American Hammers up to 10 and 40.

Final circuit: Tabata Merkins.

PAX wrapped up with mobility exercises to increase our flexibility.


Prayers for Big Wheelz for clarity on a medical issue with his dog, clarity for all #HIM, and gratitude for God’s son & his work on the cross.

NMMS: Again honored to Q!  The workouts are great, but it’s the common struggle to take DRP and do the hard work that is blessing! New friends were made and all got better!


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