Buckets of Fun!

Buckets of Fun!

Workout Date:





Cubby, Beaker, Penelope

The Thang:

YHC arrived early and took a mosey down to the beach to survey the land. Made towards a large blob on the beach, thinking it was a leftover tent and was going to deposit it in the rubbish bin. Much to my surprise, it was not a tent, but a blanket covering a couple of camped out hippies. I decided to leave them in peaceful slumber and started setting up some buckets to mark our workout route.

Task completed, YHC moseyed back to the parking lot to await the arrival of the brotherhood. At 0625, YHC was contemplating packing it in and heading to the nearest pancake house, but Beaker came in hot, followed shortly by Cubby. YHC decided we were going to do this thing.

PAX circled up and started out with some SSH x 25, and LBACs, but our heart wasn’t in it, so YHC called it quits and we moseyed to the beach to get started with the pain. YHC wrote this Q with the idea that we would have 8-10 PAX in attendance but decided not to modify it for only three PAX. We were going to suffer through this together. As a team, we did the following modified DORA:

150 Merkins
300 Big Boys
450 Squats
600 Air Presses

One PAX did the exercise, another moseyed to the far bucket and back (roughly 100 yards), and the third carried a bucket filled to the top with sand to the far bucket and back. Rinse and repeat until completion.

Cursing the PAX that didn’t post and making our bucket carrying WAY more frequent than planned, we completed the DORA and gained the respect of the hippies who woke up and watched us the whole time.

A quick mosey back to the parking lot, and a little tabata to close out the last 8 minutes. Four rounds of merkins, followed by four rounds of flutter kicks.

Time was called, we prayed it out, EH’d a guy from Charlotte, and off to coffeeteria!

Always a pleasure to be able to Q an AO, especially one far from YHC’s comfort zone of MB.



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