Buckets of Fun

Buckets of Fun

Workout Date:





Feathers (YHC 2.0), Kitten, High Interest

The Thang:

CONDITIONS were warm & humid.
4 PAX including YHC’s 2.0.
1 minute warning.
F3 mission and disclaimer.
WARMUP: COP IC – Side Straddle Hops, Imperial Walkers, Through the Tunnel, LB Arm Circles, Mountain Climbers; OYO De-escalating Burpees 10 to 1 – 64 in total.
THANG: Mosey on over to CFC Church football field, find a partner (to commiserate and generate overall mumble chatter) for some DORA 1-2-3.  Enter the new coupon – a 5 gallon bucket with 50 lb sand bag and another 10 lbs of weights to mimic the Spartan/OCR obstacle known as the bucket brigade.  During DORA each PAX carried the bucket in lieu of the run portion up & back the field.  Each PAX took 2 trips.  Feathers had a disgusted look on the 2nd trip; YHC carried it like a boss because he does KBs on Friday; Kitten rocked it as well; and High Interest well…just ask him yourself how he felt.  Next Captain Thors (BB Sit Up then American Hammers with a 1:4 ratio up to 10:40).  Wrapped up with some Judo “Intro to Nage Waza/throwing” with PAX learning 3 basic components to throwing (i.e. breaking balance, fitting in and movement) using an O Goshi major hip throw.
COT & Announcements: General with encouragement to PAX to Q at other AOs if there is an opening & need.  Again T-claps to High Interest for showing YHC the ropes in the pre-ruck; YHC was incendiary (not) with an 18 min/mile. pace.
MOLESKIN: The commitment & intensity of each PAX galvanizes the group to do more than they thought as evidenced during the bucket carry.
PRAYER: General shout out to HIM for guidance, strength and patience for all #HIM’s today.

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