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Turn and Cough


Turn and Cough, Blue Grass, Billboard, Studebaker, Franklin, Vladimir, Captain Han, One Call, Bling, Flop, Valvano, Lombardi, Krispy Kreme

The Thang:

Conditions: Clear, cool but not cold

Six Pax started their 10 mile ruck challenge with 240 lbs weight split between them at 4 am: One Call, Krispy Kreme (joined them from Hartsville), Bling, Flop, Valvano, and Lombardi. Great job Brothers!

The rest began the day with the COP at 7am: Welcome, Disclaimer, Warm up exercises: Stretching, Side Straddle Hop, Through the Tunnel, merkin, squat, Imperial walker, Arm Circles, Over head claps, and Burpees.

Of note:¬† Captain Han joined us from Lexington and Franklin’s 2.0 Vladimir returned! Thanks to Flop for offering up his couch for Krispy Kreme to crash Friday night!

The Thang:

We moseyed over to Mount Myrtle and found two buckets, two 22 oz cups, and two 35lb kettle bells waiting for us. We split into two teams. Buckets were on top of the hill. Each team filled their bucket in relay fashion from the lake at the bottom of the hill. 1 kettle bell per team was shuffled back and forth with the cup to add some difficulty. While waiting there turn, Pax at the bottom of the hill called out exercises for every one to join in on. Losing team had to jump in Lake Goose sh#t for a refreshing bath.

Next we made our way to the picnic shack for some Tabata. 10 minutes:  alternating each minute between 15 step ups or jump ups, and 15 dips.

Finally we moseyed back to the field for some Mary.

COT: Count o Rama, Name off, Announcements, Prayer requests. I presented my thoughts on setting good examples for our families. I recounted a failure of mine earlier this week when I was caught using the same poor form disciplining our dog that I had just told my son not too!

Prayer for thanks, our Country, Ruckers on their Challenge, etc.

Thanks for the honor to lead.



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