Building A House of Pain One 2×10 At a Time

Building A House of Pain One 2×10 At a Time

Workout Date:





Hottub, Flyover, Sunshine, Goldberg, Peach, El Red Cardo, Flop, Buffett, Quaker (QIC)

The Thang:

AO: BombSquad

Conditions: 65 degrees, perfect

YHC arrived at the AO early and prepared for a simple Beatdown that would focus on each body part (arm/chest, abs, legs, etc). When YHC saw Sunshine & Flyover HC on twitter the night before, I knew an all star crew would be at #BommSquad and would expect an AllStar Beatdown. First to arrive was Peach & Goldberg (still recovering from an unfortunate playground slide incident the day before at #Hasslehoff). Before parking in the Shovel Flag Lot they drove around the AO to affirm that no pallets would be utilized in the gloom. When they exited the car I let them know that I already scouted out the pallets but the one I needed (harnessed pallet) had disappeared. #happydays! Sunshine & Flyover arrived as promised #accountability. Flop  and El Red Cardo cruised in next, then Buffett toting the Shovel Flag. Final PAX to arrive was Hottub via the “SpaceShuttle”. All PAX were fired-up and ready to go!


5:59: One Minute Warning

6:00: Proper Disclaimer


The THANG: 2X10’s

10 Pain stations were set up around the perimeter of the AO with 25 – 60  yrds distance between each stations. At each of the pain Stations a single exercise was done. First Pain Station was 2 reps, 2nd Pain Station was 4 reps, 3rd Pain Station was 6 reps,  . . .etc, etc . . ., 10th Pain Station was 20 reps. PAX sprinted (not mosey’d) between each Pain Station. At each Pain Station the PAX did SSH OYO until limped up Goldberg arrived #nomanleftbehind.

Round #1 – Merkins (2ct) IC . .  .total 100 Merkins

Round #2 – Jump Squats (2ct) IC . . . total 100 Jump Squats

Round #3 – Flutterkicks (4ct) IC . .  . total 100 Flutterkicks

Round $4 – Imperial Walkers (4ct) IC . . . total 100 Imperial Walkers

Mosey to Football Field:   4 cones were set up 25 yrds apart . . . Starting at Cone #1 . . . Bearcrawl to cone #2 . . .  Stand . . . Bearcrawl to Cone #3 . . . Stand . . . Bearcrawl to Cone #4

Mary-Around-the-Horn: 9 Boxcutters (4ct) IC (Quaker); 9 Merkins (2ct) (Hottub); 9 Burpees OYO (Buffett); 9 American Hammers IC (4ct) (Flyover); 9 Peter Parker Merkins IC (Sunshine); 9 Squats (Goldberg); 9 Burpees OYO (Peach)

Time Called


Count-O-Rama: 9


Prayers: Prayers for Hottub’s Brother; Prayers for Peach’s friends; general prayers for all PAX.

Moleskin: Honor to lead this morning. Thanks for bearing with me and my sometimes lax counting skills! Counting In Cadence for the entire Beatdown apparrently took its toll on me mentally!




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