Burpees, Broadjumps, and Bearcrawls Oh My…

Burpees, Broadjumps, and Bearcrawls Oh My…

Workout Date:



Texas Ranger


Rocky Top, Jeter, Candy Cane (AOQ), Cyclone, Castaway, ERC, Texas Ranger (QIC)

The Thang:

AO: The Plank

Conditions: 40s and clear

Haven’t been to the Plank in a minute, and I saw an opening for today and I figured why not. When I was trying to think of what I should do, I kept thinking about what is quickly becoming the mantra of the Plank… “Modify Up”. As ideas kept popping into my head, I kept thinking “yes that’ll work” so my list of things to do kept growing. Got to the AO about 5 min early to set up a few props.

1 minute warning

Disclaimer – Lets get this show on the road



5 Burpees OYO


20 Windmills IC

At about this point, AOQ Candy Cane rolls up a little later than normal. As he sets up the Flag, everybody do AMRAP Burpees until he’s ready

5 Burpees OYO for Candy Cane to get some

20 Imperial Walkers

Indian Run around the track.

Sideline to Sideline:

Perfect spot to knock out a set of 11s

11’s – BBSU and Squats

Mosey down to the block pile and collect 3 blocks, then head out of the well lit confines of the field to the gloom of the parking lot. 

Parking Lot: 

I had set up cones about across 10 parking lot lines (about 90ish feet) in the middle of the giant empty lot.

Line up in two lines starting at the first set of cones. Everybody waiting in line is doing SSH. First man up will burpee broad jump down to the second set of cones. When the first man gets to his 3rd jump, the next man in line can start and burpee broad jump down to the cones. When you get to the other side, SSH until the last man finishes.

Same two lines and same basic principle but this time the men in line are doing AMRAP Squats and instead of burpee broad jumps we are bear crawling and doing a merkin at each parking line. Squats at the end until the last man finishes.

Cindersleds: 3 rounds

Partner up with a block per group. Since we had 7 PAX, we had one group of 3.

For the 2 man groups:

Partner 1 – AMRAP SSH

Partner 2 – Cindersleds! Pushing the block across the lot (Approx. 60ft). Leaves the block there and bear crawls back. Flip flops with P1

Partner 1 – Bear crawls to the block and cindersled back while Partner 2 AMRAP SSH

For the 3 man group:

Partner 1 – AMRAP SSH

Partner 2 – Cindersleds

Partner 3 – AMRAP Burpees on the other side of the parking lot

Spread out, Partner 2 pushes the block to P3 and then switches places. P3 then pushes the block back to P1 and switches places.

Ring of Fire:

Mosey over to the front entrance of the track.

Everybody circle up, each PAX would get a chance on the rope to be the counter for the rest of the group who will be holding plank while the counter is going. The counter would do 100 skips and every 10th skip the group will do a merkin. Switched to a 6″ hold and BBSU after round 1.

At this point we were running out of time so, blocks back to the pile and mosey to the flag


Just enough time for a few PAX Choice exercises (15 reps max)

TR – BBSU in honor of Drifter who is on IR

Candycane – Freddie Mercury

Castaway – Flutterkick



Count-O-Rama: 7


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Prayer Requests: Pikachu and his family, Drifter on IR, Castaway’s mom


Honor to Lead!

Texas Ranger

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