Burpee’s Eleven

Burpee’s Eleven

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Crankbait, Hottub, El Red Cardo, Skid Mark, Rousey, Stay Puft, Hammerhead, Vitamin D, Goldberg, Beehive (FNG)Quaker (QIC)

The Thang:

AO: BombSquad

Conditions: 45 degrees, windy

Rousey & YHC kept a close eye on the open Q  all day yesterday. He said he would Q if no one else stepped up,  but as the day continued there were no takers  and it remained open!! Maybe it was because of the impending deep freeze, maybe due to the MB Marathon, maybe due to MB Terrain Race, who knows . . .no worries though, bottomline #HIM  will post and the beatdown will go down. At 5:20 last evening Rousey followed up and deferred the honor of Q’ing to YHC. YHC’s back, hip & leg were feeling better, could my body handle a beatdown?? Only one way to find out!! I figured if YHC lead the beatdown it could be tailored made to accommodate my injuries. I thought long and hard about what to do for a Beatdown but nothing inspired me. As YHC woke this morning around 5am, inspiration hit. I would take a gamble and roll the dice on my fitness level and lead a Supersized BlackJack/21’s wo. I would avoid burpees and try and cash out before crapping out back to the IR. As I came to the exit of Plantation Lakes my Spidey Senses were tingling , one lone car passed me heading west on Carolina Forest Blvd. For a fleeing moment I thought that this may be a PAX heading to BombSquad!! But who would be heading to the AO at 5:20 am when the Saturday Beatdowns don’t begin until 6 am?  More importantly which PAX borrowed his wife’s red Cooper Mini this morning?? The fleeting moment passed as I pulled onto CFBlvd, however,  as I rounded a turn near the AO, that cute little Mini Cooper had its turn signal on and was pulling into  the empty Shovel Flag Lot. Maybe they were lost, maybe they were turning around to go back to bed! No They pulled right up and parked. YHC also pulled up and parked, exited my truck and headed to the large parking lot to place a few cones. As I moseyed back to the Truck, Rousey pulled in next to me.  We greeted each other and headed over to the Mini and introduced ourselves to Hammerhead DR from Sandhills for the MB Marathon #T-claps #Accountability. Next to arrive was Stay-Puft & BeeHive (FNG) DR from F3Carterico. Then the usual suspects arrived: Crankbait, Hottub, Skidmark, Goldberg, El Red Cardo, & Vitamin D.


1 Minute Warning

COP: 25 SSH IC; 20 Windmills IC;  21 TTT IC; 20 Imperial Walkers IC; 22 Merkins (2 ct) IC; 20 Little Baby Arm Circles IC; 20 LBAC in Reverse IC; Recite 3 “F’s”; Recite 5 Core Principles; 20 Overhead Claps IC; 20 tempo Squats

Mosey to the Large Parking Lot . . .form single file and Pain’t the Lines (1/2 of Parking Lot)

The THANG: Supersized 21’s & Burpee’s Eleven

Supersized 21’s: far end of Large Parking Lot all PAX line up and do 1 BBS . . . run to center of Parking Lot and do 20 Merkins . . . run to far end of Parking Lot and do 1 Squat . . . run back to the begining.

2 BBS at start . . .. run to center for 19 Merkins . . . run to far end for 2 Squats . . .

3 BBS . . . 18 Merkins . . . 3 Squats . . . . etc, etc, . . . . 20 BBS . . . run to center of Lot for 1 Merkin . . . run to far end of lot for 20 Squats .. . Plank on the Six

Mosey to center of Parking Lot and continue to Pain’t the Lines . . . as we mosey’d Hottub was nipping at YHC’s heels (“like a Bug that won’t go away”) and Hammerhead as if on que stated that he was glad we did have to do any Burpee’s . . .

Mosey to Baseball Concession Area for 11’s

10 Burpees + 1 Dip; 9 Burpees + 2 Dips; 8 Burpees +3 Dips . . .etc. etc . . . 1 Burpee + 10 Dips

Mosey back to Large Parking Lot to pick up the cones

Mosey to Front Parking Lot

3-2-1 Sprint  .. . oops forgot the cones

3-2-1- Sprint back to cones

3-2-1 Sprint to end . . . mosey to Shovel Flag and Circle up

Mary ‘Round the Horn: 12 Flutterkicks (4 ct) IC (Quaker); 12 Boxcutters IC (4 ct) (Skidmark); 12 WWI Situps OYO (Stay Puft); 12 Bicycle Crunches OYO (Beehive); Lung Stretches 10 Ct/lung (Goldberg); 12 Merkins (4 ct) IC (Hottub); Superman (12 ct) (Rousey); 12 Alternating Ankle Taps (4 ct) IC  (El Red Cardo); 12 American Hammers IC (4 ct) (Hammerhead); 12 Carolina Dry Docks (4ct) IC (Vitamin D)

COT:  Announcements: Marine Mudrun form a team & sign-up; Stepping Up 3rd F at Waterway Palms this Tuesday 6:30-7:30 (watch video before hand)

Prayers for Sawdust & his family; general prayers for all PAX




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