Workout Date:





Bling, Billboard, Geno, Turn and Cough, Bubbles, Lombardi, Weedeater, Stewie, Varsity, OneCall (QIC)

The Thang:

20+ degrees colder than yesterday!  34!!

YHC always enjoys #Warthog.  The mumber chatter is awesome, the AO has tons of places for beatdowns, the “main” field has literally zero drainage and is always covered in goose poop.  Anyhow, Bling and I had some communications about our awesome carpool [you other guys are just jealous] and we left a few early so I could try to find some relatively dry ground.  After arriving and hearing Billboard cranking his death metal, I wandered around with cones in hand looking for the right place.  And I found what wound up being pretty darn dry, if not super cold, ground.  Then the 3 of us were chatting when we saw Geno’s vehicle pulling in.  There was no way we thought that was Geno.  You see, he has a horrible case of bursitis, and has been out for a while.  He even went so far as to send us detailed medical notes on the subject.  In fact, we had to set up a slack channel dedicated to Geno’s IR and his bursitis to help both the physical healing and the emotional side effects.  So Billboard assumed it was the M, coming to let us know Geno’s condition.  Plus, he is never that early.  But to our delight, it was Geno, wrist brace on, and ready to go.  I must say I am flattered that his return was on a day of my Q!

We also saw the outline of Turn and Cough’s Jeep!!  What a great sight.  After the sad loss of his brother in law, we were very happy to see Turn and have him back with us.  We love you man.

Then the usual #Warthog crew – Weedeater with a diesel work truck from the 50’s that was killing trees as he drove by and caused a horrendous coughing fit by Bling.  Bubbles coming in without his weight vest, and of course, shorts.  Lombardi as always ready to roll.  Stewie was also back and quietly gets work done throughout the beatdowns!  Varsity rolling out of bed to make the 1 minute warning!!


SSH x 25 IC
IW x 20 IC
LBAC forward x 15 IC
LBAC backward x 15 IC
Tempo Squats x 20 IC
22 Merkins in single cadence #22Kills
While low, Flutters x 25 IC
[It was at this point that Bling got Bursitis.  Apparently it leaped across the COP]
LBC’s x 20 IC
BBSU’s x 15 OYO
Pretzel crunch right leg x 10 IC
Pretzel crunch left leg x 10 IC

We then moseyed to the kinda-dry field where the cones were.

We started at “home” and here was the plan

Bear Crawl to 1st
10 Diamond Merkins

Lunge Walk to 2nd
10 Prisoner Squats

Crab Walk to 3rd
10 Diamond CDD’s

Sprint home
SSH’s AMRAP or Plank and when the 6 came in, we did 10 SSH’s IC

Rinse and repeat, but move to “normal” distance rather than the “close distance”
I.E., Merkins, Squats, and CDD’s
Also, alternate the bear crawls with crawl bears and the crab walks with feet first 1x, then hands 1st next
Same at home

Rinse and repeat, but this time move out to wide distance
Wide Arm Merkins, Sumo Squats, Wide Arm CDD’s
Same at home

A break from this, we Toy Soldier walked each cone with 15 BBSU’s at each

Then we rinsed and repeated the 1st 3 cycles, in reverse order – Wide, Regular, Close
When all in for last round we did 15 SSH’s IC
Flutters x 25 IC

Mosey to the picnic tables

10 Burpees
20 Derkins
30 Dips
40 Flutters (2-count)
Plank on the 6
Rinse and Repeat

Time to do this in 1 minute
5 Burpees
10 Merkins
15 BBSUs

Mosey to start


Count-O-Rama – 10
Prayer requests for Turn and Cough’s family
Prayer requests unspoken

– Surprised by the sudden drop in temp and guys were layering up.  But we got hot quick!
– Thanks to everyone that came out!
– Don’t let Bursitis stop you!

– Be sure to check out our regional website. All local information is on that! The events page is getting filled up!!! Try to attend CSAUPS, 2ndF events, convergences, etc!!! So much more than a workout group!!
– Fill up February Q sheet!  Get with Lombardi or make website request!
– Dragon Boat coming.  We have 1 full boat of 20 men.  Would love to have a 2nd.  Even if that one is mixed with 2.0’s and/or M’s.  Be in a different division but still AWESOME!  Get more information here!
– February 6th 6:30-7:30 Session two of our men’s leadership study
– Team Dad – Carolina Forest Elementary February 27 @ 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm


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