Catapult day of remembrance

Catapult day of remembrance

Workout Date:





First Base, Rockytop, O’douls, Hojo, Candycane, Pikachu

The Thang:

AO Catapult

Conditions: Cool, light breeze  and perfect

So my Q date took a crazy turn of events. I already planned to pay tribute to my brother Martin. Which to be honest since loosing him 8 years ago, it’s just never gets easier. Just understand how to handle this time of year better. October 5, 2012 @9:30 pm. I’ll never forgot the date nor the time. I had my workout all prepared….then the awful heart wrenching news of Jacob Hancher. 23 year old MB Police office killed in the line of duty. A man dedicated to serving the public and protecting the public. So I altered my plan to honor Jacob.

1 Minute Warning

Proper F3 Mission and Disclaimer


15 Harry Rockets IC, 15 Tempo Squats IC, 15 Imperial Walkers IC, 15 LBACF,R, Seal Coaps, OHC IC, 15 HB IC, 15 SSH IC

Mosey to coupon pile and off to Parking lot. Typically I like to move around the AO but in lieu of time I decided to stick to the large parking lot.

Partner up for a Dora workout.

In between each completed set of Dora, Mosey to cross and complete 23 Incline or decline Merkins. I reminded the Pax every time why we were doing the Merkins. Jacob Hancher was 23 years old. Every merkin I wanted the Pax to remember why we did Merkins.

1) 100 Mini Hair Burners P2 Mosey to other end of Parking lot

Mosey to Cross 23 Incline Merkins

2) 100 Alternating Side Lunges

Mosey to Cross 23 Decline Merkins

3) 100 Ranger Merkins

Mosey to Cross 23 Incline Merkins

4) 100 Thrusters

Mosey to Cross 23 Decline Merkins

5) Indian Run around Parking lot to Cross

23 Incline Merkins

6) 100 Never Cross Dolly

Mosey to cross 23 Decline Merkins

Take blocks back to coupon pile

Circle up

15 Crunchy Frog IC Pikachu

10 Freddie Mercury IC O’douls

10 Box Cutters IC Hojo

Time, actually late but all good.

Count-o-Rama 6



Convergence Saturday at Warthog for Jacob Hancher, aka Hightower.

Freed to bleed Oct 30

GivetoGive F3 Foundation.

Prayers for Jacob Hancher, My brother Martin, Teachers, students, adminstrators.

Thanks O’douls for closing us out in prayer.

I took this moment to open up for the first time publicly about my brothers Suicide. I asked the Pax to take a moment and call a friend, family member, etc… that maybe in need. Someone who maybe on the edge of thinking there is no other option then to take ones own life. That phone call or invite might be the difference for saving someone’s life. I still struggle with that till this day. If only I made the call the night before his birthday instead of the usual birthday phone call. I’m not a man who looks for sympathy. Just figured it was time to share and maybe make a difference. We all play an important role in this world. Sometimes you have no idea the impact you are having on someone’s life. That little nudge someone needed to realize that you cared and they are loved. It’s amazing what the tiniest bit of love can do for ones life. Show some love and make a difference.




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