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Penelope, Rousey, Humpback, The Intern, High Interest, Flop

The Thang:

I’ve had the idea for this AO for some time now but with my health and job I wasn’t able to act on it.  I’ve been around F3 long enough to know that if you bring up a good idea to the leadership the answer is always, “Great idea, go ahead and run with it”.  Obviously building leaders is a big part of what we do and I didn’t  want do a half way job.  I am excited that Rousey has bought in to this idea and will be coming along side to make this AO a good one.

The Weinke was set and it will take some time to find the sweet spot for these PAX  but for a first beat down I think it went well.

45 degrees


SSH x10

Imperial Walker x10

Hillbillies x10

LBAC x15, Reverse x15, Overhead Clap x15


Mosey/walk to back corner

Toy Soldier walk halfway to Baseball Fields

Lunge/Squat walk to the gate


All the following was up against the concession stand as the picnic benches are now gone

Several sets with wall sits in between each set

Planks, high and low



Pike leg press


Toy Soldier and Lunge/Squat walk back to the flag.



LBC x25

Freddie Mercury x20

Flutter Kicks x15

American Hammer x10

Hurricane Howdown x5

Rinse and Repeat in reverse

We ended with stretching



Excited to see the AO take off and the current PAX I spoken with see the need and the benefit of what this AO can accomplish for new FNGs or PAX that need a moderate workout.




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