Catapulting with a flightless bird

Catapulting with a flightless bird

Workout Date:



Kiwi (Respect X 2)


Hedgehog, Crabs, Humpback, Hojo, Rocky Top, First Base, Skipper, O’Douls, Pikachu, Penelope, Sprinkles

The Thang:

Conditions: Perfect weather 70s with less humidity than recently.

Always great to be at Catapult! This AO has seen an explosion of new #HIM faces thanks to the steady recruitment from the AOQ O’Douls and others.  I was excited that lots of newer men (but not FNGs anymore), a welcomed back award winning teaching – Kotter (done with school for a year – Rocky Top) and some original members made it out for my BQ. This made for a great mixture – the fact that all were probably young enough to be my sons was not lost on this YHC.  Catapult which started as a moderate Q for some recovering from injuries and those deciding if F3 was for them has transformed itself into a regular AO that is a recruiting powerhouse with some #HIM that I believe will lead GrandStrand for the next 20 years.  While our most popular exercises are not running or burpees we do on occasion do both and none are worst for the wear.  All of the AOQs (and our Nantan) for this AO have been a powerful part of its success by ensuring that the FNGs step up to take on VQs and providing excellent instruction on correct methodology for giving a great Q.  The AO which is shared with Bombsquad also lends itself to a variety of exercises and has a well maintained pile of coupons to use for any workout.  I’ve been proud to call if my home AO and a great place for me to get better.

One minute warning

Mission Statement

COP all X 15 (I think)



Harry Rockettes


The Thang

Indian Run around the AO including to home plate and back around to the cross which is always a good place to stop off for prayers as well as a good starting point for life and workouts.

30 Rocky Balboas

20 Shoulder to shoulder dips (crowded today)

Carolina Dry docks

Home plate at the ballfields

Wall Flops IC (I think 20)

Step ups – 30 OYO

Mosey to the coupons for blocks then over to the field for a two station beat down with on end being block work:

Curls X 20 mosey about 30 yards to 30 – 2 count flutters Karaoke back

Presses X 20  – mosey 30 yards  to 30 squats Karaoke back

Rows X2 20 – mosey 30 yards to 30 Merkins (maybe) it gets a little fuzzy here and my Weinke was more scribbling than masterpiece.

Tri extensions X 20

Somewhere in this mess we returned to Homebase for some more step ups and Wall flops back to return the blocks with a few rounds of Mary led by Humpback, Pikachu, Rocky Top

Count O Rama

Name O Rama

Announcements – Freed To Bleed, Spartan, 10 year anniversary


Prayers spoken and unspoken offered up by YHC

Sorry for not getting this BB out sooner__ I am sure I would have remembered more since I had a poor to none Weinke but it was a great  workout and an enjoyable Q for this double respect Birthday Boy.



PS – Note of apology for how late I am getting this out its been a busy week but glad to have got it accomplished for these #Him

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