‘Cause I’ve still got a lot of fight left in me

‘Cause I’ve still got a lot of fight left in me

Workout Date:



Bling and OneCall


Peterbilt, Valvano, Geno, Lombardi, High Interest, Weedeater, Billboard, Bling and OneCall (QIC's)

The Thang:

Still stinking cold – 46

The MB GORUCK Tough and Light are soon to be upon us and the training has been intense.  We have many first timers and we all want to thrive at the events, and not just survive.  So with that in mind, YHC wrote out a weinke, and after talking some on my daily #Carpool with Bling, we decided to co-Q and put a brutal weinke together!  Along with some educating.  Mission Accomplished (and we didn’t even finish the weinke).

One part of this was to have a lot of coupons, so a poll was put out and texts were sent to get the HC’s.  There were 9.  Hoser is always a HC (10) so we weren’t worried about him, but then work took him out last minute!  Ugh!  You were missed!  A call was made for all the coupons.  Thanks guys for bringing all the stuff!!!

8 coupons in total for 9 dudes:
Sandbags – 80, 60, 46, 45, 40
Log – 55
Extra ruck with 30 lbs
2x Suck-Buckets (these were a pair)

Gather everything up in parking lot; head to bridge, make a right and go around all the way back to start of bridge.  Switch coupons as needed. 1 PAX will be without a coupon.

Great job sharing the suck.  Except for Weedeater who dumped the log into 1 of Lombardi’s arms cause he was holding a sandbag in the other!!  Glad I was there to catch it and help!  LOL.  Just be careful on transitions guys.  Be sure other guy is ready!!!

Overwhelming consensus was the buckets are awful and the 80 lb bag just sucks

Set everything down in nice neat orderly fashion.  Cadres will not accept anything less.  On time hacks – getting the stuff set up and everyone in formation usually counts as part of the time!

Move to the hill – 7’s with rucks on – up and over the hill
Merkins and Squats – good form
EXCELLENT work here by all!

Leave the stupid buckets; but grab everything else
Ruck – head to the corner by Forbus – during an exchange, Bling “place”-dropped the log on the ground.  He should know better!!  Coupons don’t touch the ground.  Penalty coming
We got to the corner, and neatly set up all coupons and rucks – it looked good

Penalty time – but it wasn’t really a penalty since we did it for the Veterans – 22 Merkins IC (single count) #22Kills

Time for Progressive sprints

All out to the 1st light; rest
All out back; rest
50% to 1st light, all out to the next; rest
50% back to 1st light, all out to start; rest
50% to 1st light, 75% to 2nd light; all out to next; rest
Walk back to 2nd light and then all out all the way in; rest
Not something you expect while rucking, but it happens.  So cardio fitness is very helpful.  Strong work here by all!

Load back up – to bridge again
Coupons down nice and neat; Circle up

Overhead Ruck Hold for total time of 3 minutes
Every time you break the overhead hold, perform as penalty:
10 ruck thrusters – and then go immediately back into the OH hold
Lots of shaky arms and moans and groans!!  I know Bling made the whole 3 minutes.  Not sure if anyone else did.  If so, sorry I missed it, but my vision was blurred from the pain!!  To help the time pass, YHC asked for some praise reports and got a tremendous one from Geno.  Thank you for sharing!

Time for another lap – this time, grab just the 80, 60, 46, and log
Team up; transitions on the go; quicker turnaround; let’s move
This went well, then as we got closer, Peterbilt kept asking (pretty much all morning) for what has become the #WaveRucker theme song:
Have a listen here:
This Is My Fight Song

YHC was happy to oblige and pulled out the phone, queued it up, and said, alright, we have til the end of the song to get around the lake, onto Forbus, back to my car with weights lined up neatly
What about the other stuff whined Geno?
Don’t worry about it; that’s for something else
The time hack was met, and it was perfect, as the last line as the song trailed off….
“‘Cause I’ve still got a lot of fight left in me”

That’s right men, we better still have a lot of fight left in us!!  See the thought that went into this #weinke and the perfect timing?  Amazing right?!?!
Anyhow, we have to get those other coupons back and lined up…in how much time??
Geno – 5 minutes
YHC – too long
Bling – 2:15
Valvano -1:45
YHC – let’s split it at 2 and see
Timer set, haul buggy and go
Great teamwork here and hard work.  We were at 2:30, and everyone was thoroughly smoked!!  That was an aggressive time-hack.  In an event, if we don’t meet the hack, there will be penalties and we will have to improve on our time and shore up our weak spots.  We couldn’t do that this am tho, cause….TIME!
Total mileage – 4.6

Count-O-Rama – 9
No spoken Prayer requests, so…
Prayer requests unspoken

– Weedeater and Valvano had some close races on the sprints!!  Billboard came from behind on one and smoked em!
– Peterbilt – stop trying to pretend you don’t like the teeny bopper music.  We all do too.
– Everyone did amazing today.  Each dude grabbed the heavy stuff, and the sucky buckets; lots of assistance and helping each other out.  Positive attitudes all around.  I am stoked to be beside all of you next week!!!
– Honor to be out there with you all!
– From Bling – “My legs are sore”

– Everyone was tired and not much talking, but here are the usual ones!
– Skidmark is our 2018 MudRun Q!  Get your teams and sign up.  Or just sign up and he will set teams up.  Need some more teams!  Incredible event!!!
– Dragon Boat coming.  April 28.  Talk to Handy Manny.   Need about 8 more guys for 2 full boats!
– International Drive Race coming. Talk to Bluegrass. 4/29
– 3 year F3GrandStrand anniversary coming!!!  June 9 – DO NOT MISS!


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