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Buffet, Flyover, Handy Manny, Hot Tub, Kitten, Flop

The Thang:

Conditions: 50 degrees.  Foggy with a good chance of rain.  Cool, but not Icelandic like last week.

On the drive to the AO, YHC saw a cluster of bobbing lights (headlamps) on the bridge of International Dr./Grissom Pkwy. and deduced it was a pack of runners… those guys are hardcore… its the Hulkimaniacs!  4 PAX strong.  They were making their way to the AO with the American Flag held high because its Freedom Friday!  Wonderful concept!

YHC rolled in the Village parking lot with some Christian metal blaring (sorry neighbors) and waited on the PAX.  Flop pulled up and we found out that we have same taste in music.  So, YHC decided to leave the windows down and let the Gospel music (albeit a bit heavier version) play throughout the beatdown.  The Hulkimaniacs rounded the corner; Buffet came in hot.  Buffet posts like every BombSquad and Village beatdown often times Qing!

Allow me one last day to celebrate, pontificate and all out gloat over the Alabama Crimson Tide’s 17th national championship.  Sometimes its downright fun to play the villain considering we are in the territory of the Clemson Tigers, Carolina Gamecocks and others.  Bets were made, tears were shed, burpees went to the loser, and we all had a good time!  I tried to keep references to Bama’s win quick and veiled around Hot Tub (a Dawgs fan).  The Tide being champions, the beatdown went as follows:

Warm Up: IC: 20 – 25 reps each of SSHs, TTTs, Wind Mills, IW, LB Arm Circles (forwards & back) and Mountain Climbers; OYO: 20 Burpees.  Handy smiled, lightning crackled and he was done!

Circuit #1

In the UMCCDC parking lot, PAX completed (in 2-man teams) the below DORA 1-2-3 style circuit (i.e. one PAX runs around the parking lot while other does exercise, tag, reverse roles until total team reps. are complete):

C = 100 Clurpees (which I actually prescribed incorrectly and we actually did hand release burpees aka F3 parlance “HRBs”)

H = 100 1 ct. Hillbillies.

A = 100 4 ct. American Hammers.

M = 100 Merkins.

P = 100 Prayer Squats.

S = Same as number 1 (more HRBs).  Hot Tub cranked these out much faster than YHC!

I was going to leave the 70lb bucket of suck at home. Since I don’t get to Q the Village often, I brought it last minute and it was optional today.  If so chosen, PAX during the circuit walked the bucket (in lieu of running) around the parking lot loop.  Good job men… not easy… fatigue sneaks up on you on the last quarter and dropping & picking the bucket back up again well… sucks.  Kitten and Flyover manhandled the bucket!

Circuit #2

PAX were given instructions to bearcrawl to the parking lot stop sign (same 2-man teams) and back to the COT area.  Both initially bearcrawled.  If one partner fatigued, they’d alert the other and transition into a walk (after a 3 big boy sit up penalty).

Wrapped up with some MARY.  Flop introduced me to Homer to Marge… nice.  I then looked it up on the F3 website and LMBO.


BOM: COR.  NOR.  Announcements — F3 leadership study Q’d by Handy Manny and Crankbait on Tuesday evenings starting 1/23 (place TBD), Superbowl themed beatdown at WH on 2/3 Q’d by Bluegrass, and Fox team race sponsored by F3 Hartsville.  Go to the regional website and get on slack for details and other great information regarding F3 GrandStrand.

Kitten prayed us out thanking God and asking for continued guidance and strength for all #HIM and their families.

NMMS: Great work by all PAX!  YHC is partial to team oriented circuits like the DORA 1-2-3, BOMBS, BLIMPS etc. I think the partnering pushes the team to do more, brings PAX closer together, and gives less abled PAX or FNG a way to keep up.

Aye!  Rousey

“Talk is cheap.  Lets go play.” Johnny Unitas (QB for Baltimore Colts) when asked to give a pep talk before a football game.

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