Cherry Pop

Cherry Pop

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1st Base


Pikachu, Flop, Penelope, Scuba Steve, Rocky Top, Texas Ranger, Sawdust, Kiwi, Skimmer, Brown Bag, Rousey, Sunshine, Whattsup (DR), Hojo, Rubber, Hamburglar, Candy Cane, O’Douls

The Thang:


AO: Catapult

Conditions: mid-70s, lowish humidity… weather to good to be true in August


After two-ish months of following, it was time for YHC to step up and take my first Q. Spent what was probably an inordinate amount of time planning, trying to straddle to come up with some different things while not straying to far from the KISS principle. Big turnout from the most of the Catapult regulars and strong representation from Bomb Squad and the Village (who was kind enough to close and direct everyone Catapult way) along with a couple others from elsewhere. While Texas Ranger and Hamburglar ran literal laps around the arriving crowd, Brown Bag pulled in blasting U.S. Blues with windows down in support of YHC.

5:29 – One Minute Warning

5:30 – Mission Statement, Recital of Principles, Disclaimer


17 SSH, IC                            17 TTT, IC                             17 WINDMILL, IC

17 HILLBILLIES, IC             17 IW, IC                               13 LBAC, FW, IC

13 LBAC, RV, IC                  13 SEAL CLAPS, IC            13 OVERHEAD CLAPS, IC

Mosey of the big parking lot for some leg work

Part 1 – Thai Master

PAX starting out lined along the highway side of the big lot

13 Suicide Squats

Cross the parking lot with a medley of high knees, butt kickers and karaoke

13 Suicide Squats

Back across the parking lot with a medley in reverse order

13 Suicide Squats

Mosey on to the coupon pile for some pavers, mosey back to the east side of the church

B – Surf and Turf

Pax set pavers about 10 yards away from parking lot curb

Set One – Feet on pavers for 13 Decline Merkins > Bear Crawl to curb > hands on curb for 13 Incline Merkins > Crabwalk back to paver

Set Two – 13 4ct Mountain Climbers > Bear Crawl to curb > hands on curb for 13 4ct Groiners > Crabwalk back to paver

Set Three – Feet on pavers for 13 4ct Shoulder Taps > Bear Crawl to curb > hands on curb for 13 4ct Plank Jacks > Crabwalk back to paver


III – Hurricane Hoe Downs

Starting at 7IC 4cts, worked our way down to 3IC, which was double up to avoid 2’s and 1’s

Act Four – 3 of Diamonds, 7 of Curbs

Paver coupons still set up as before

3 Diamond Merkins midway between paver and curb > Lateral Plank Walk to the curb > 7 Merkins with right hand on the curb > Lateral Plank Walk to midway between paver and curb >

3 Diamond Merkins > Lateral Plank Walk to paver> 7 Merkins with left hand on the paver > Lateral Plank Walk to midway between paver and curb > 3 Diamond Merkins


Just a little bit of time left on the clock before its time to circle back up, enough to squeeze in some…

#5 – Coupons

21’s – 7 low bicep curls, 7 high bicep curls, 7 full bicep curls

17 No Name Combo  IC (six count, will be OYO if revisited) – Bent Row > Good Morning > Overhead Press and back down

Return coupons and circle up


15 LBC, IC

15 Box Cutters, IC

15 Freddy Mercuries, IC

15 BB Sit Ups, IC



Count-o-Rama = 19


Announcements: Freed to Bleed coming up on 10/30, give now and you can give again then. 2.0 workout tonight at Waterway Palms. Brown Bag gave praise to his M for their 28(?) year anniversary (Congrats to both!)

Flop was kind enough to lead closing prayer.

An honor to lead these fine folks, think I learned somethings to improve on for next time.

-1st Base

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