Chumbaburpees and Moby Planks to the ocean and back

Chumbaburpees and Moby Planks to the ocean and back

Workout Date:



Spinal Tap


Low Tide, Lois, Papa Smurf RESPECT-RESPECT, Progresso, Punch Bug, Spinal Tap

The Thang:

Blackbeards Revenge was ground zero for me, Spinal Tap, to Q a bootcamp for the first time. Arrived at 5:15 in the gloom but LBE Papa Smurf had the flag shovel already planted. (His legend is EPIC!) I was especially stoked because I EH’d my first FNG and anticipated killing 2 birds with 1 stone towards my goal of achieving a patch. (a rookie Q and an EH in the same day would have made momma proud) Then it hit the fan when I asked the FNG what time he needed to be back home and he replied 6 AM, so I was suddenly forced to rush him back home and still try to return on time. DREAD! …but my FNG promised to attend next Tuesday and at least he wasn’t #fartsacking so we’ll give him a free pass. I returned at 5:28 and promptly began the beatdown at 5:30 under cloudy skies and the threat of rain.
The THANG: Six PAX posted with Low Tide, Lois, Papa Smurf RESPECT, Progresso, and Punch Bug landing just in time to join me as we began with Little Baby Arm Circles, Windmills and Through The Tunnel in cadence each to a 20 count. Then mosey across the field. Commence Chumbaburbee torture with iPhone playing Tubthumping, all PAX side straddle hop the entire song then burpee when he says “I get knocked down, but I get up again.” The Naked-man Moleskin revealed each PAX deciding what level of hatred to assign the Chimbaburbee so Punch Bug requested a 10 count. We then moseyed down to the nearby hospital wondering which PAX might be admitted eventually. In the parkinglot, we took position on our 6 for Rosalitas and Ray Charles both in cadence to a 20 count. Then Indian Crab walk to the curb. Taking extreme cation we crossed Hwy 17 and moseyed to the next parking lot. Commence the “Bring Sally Up” plank challenge alternating from a low to high plank in cue with the song from Moby. Leg lifts on “ol’ miss Lucy’s dead and gone” produced a bit of #mumblechatter. The next mosey had a moleskin that almost ended with disaster. Spinal Tap landed on a parking space bumper and could have brought the house down, but thankfully he survived and warned the other PAX. The group soon took position on their 6 for American Hammers in cadence to a 20 count. Then Walk Like An Egyptian for two cycles with Spinal Tap directing the band jam. The next mosey finally brought us to the ocean inlet where the PAX paired up and grabbed a coupon boulder from beside the boat launch. 100 Lion Kings combined with alternating PAX running to the end of the boat launch for 10 Carolina Dry Docks. As the drizzle began the time was running short. Indian Run alternating frontwards and backwards to the gynecologist lot with strong incentive as we could see the lights of our ball field above the trees. One last stop for Little Baby Arm Circles then mosey back across Hwy 17 with extreme caution. IOT attempt an on time arrival, Spinal Tap called out the mosey rhythm “UP, UP, UP, Keep the pace UP” and Punch Bug was a Happy Clown for two PAX.
Bottom line: ALL of the PAX were Larry Bird for the entire beatdown and we ended with a Jail Break to the F3 shovel proudly waiving Old Glory in the wind. GBA! Circle of trust, prayer requests, announcements (Pelicans game) and closing prayer by Spinal Tap who forgot to offer a nugget. (oh the humanity)
The NUGGET: So, here’s today’s nugget in the BB: “it’s not who you are that holds you back, it’s who you think you’re not.” …we are brothers in arms and sons of the kingdom, thinking anything less will hold us back. Today, embrace who you are!!

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