Cited for Log Carrying….

Cited for Log Carrying….

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The Thang:

AHH, yes, another Wednesday, another WaveRucker, another opportunity to push ourselves, carry crap, get wet, have fun, embrace the Suck.  Many of you know about the Heavy a couple weeks ago, wont go into that- but was upset with myself driving home that I was exhausted over the running/cardio we did up there.  I wasn’t prepared the way I thought…sooo…. I added some of that to this Q.  Here we go.

Weather- 48, chill in the air.  Had a “rider” with me on the way (#carpoolkaraoke) as usual (#jealousy) and we arrived right at 4:25.  Nice group ready to roll (TClaps to the bike riders, although please don’t park close to us Ruckers, dont want to catch anything).  1 Minute/ somewhat of a Disclaimer given, rucks on please.

head over to the soccer field, I think there is a giant log over there somewhere.  one at a time, flip the log over (end by end) all the way to the back parking lot (about 200 yards). Nice warmup/mumblechatter.

Run the parking lot to the end, 10 merkins (IC) and run back- check time, nice work together as a team.

2nd round- was 10 squats as a team and back- CARDIO!!!

Grab the log- as if we would just leave it there after a few minutes of “log love”!  2-man carry log around the soccer field to the fountain in front of the Apple store.  I had figured on 18 minutes, but gave the group 20 to get there- made it in 14, smoked by all, great work team.  log down, rucks off, time to run.

did the loop around the street, down to Gordon Brewery and circle around to end at the Apple store again.  timed, so get a move on.  Round 1, down together in 1 min, 28 sec.  good push, breathing heavy.  about 220 yards in total

bad news, we had to do this again, but beat that time as a team- give more- 100%!  Second round completed in 1 min 16 sec!  great work by all.  This was the point where a security guard sauntered up and told us we were being too loud!  Paul Blart was acknowledged, although it was hard to hear him over the fountain and Geno’s awful choice of music…..  Thank you Officer…

next up was a ruck march- stay in line and keep up with the man in front.  I led a 1.5 mile march that ended at the top of the parking garage.  Circle up for 50 flutters IC while holding ruck overhead.  (#badmemoryforOneCall)

10 rest/laugh/hot under the collar.

walk back down to log holding our rucks above head- tough thru the low ceiling!  Back to our Log!

pick up- in 2’s again, take it back up to the top of the garage.  50 more Flutters IC on top of the log- legs smoked.

Figuring on time, as a couple of us had to leave a little early, we wanted to get back to our AO- carry the log back to the flag.  we were 1/3 mile short of 4 total, so a quick 2 laps around the track, groans/chatter/laughs/etc.

6:00- done.  Honor to lead, always getting better together, best day to workout no question!

thank you Men, out.


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