Climb Every Mountain (or in this case Hill)

Climb Every Mountain (or in this case Hill)

Workout Date:



Kiwi (Respect X2)


Shoeless (Respect X 2), Spinal Tap, Disconnect, Fergie, Baggage, Bubbles

The Thang:

What a great day for a beat down, got to the mothership – Warthog about 10 minutes before the beat down and sat in my car – (Fergie the current AOQ was already there – punctual as always).  While it wasn’t raining it was spitting and temperature was hovering around the 42 mark.  Not knowing exacting what we were in store for weather wise I had some fun moving towards the parking garage planned.



20 Seal Claps IC

20 Overhead Claps IC

15 Tempo Squats IC

20 Imperial Walkers IC

22 Merkins IC

Mosey to the top of the hill by the big shelter

25 – SSH IC

mosey down the mountain (hill) to the bridge with lunge walks up and bunny hops down – plank

mosey to Valor Park to enjoy the new seats? That have been erected – they consist of what looks like a concrete cannonball (large) with a concrete square on top – we used them for 4 exercises:

  • 25 step ups
  • 25 inclined merkins
  • 25 declined merkins
  • 25 dips

Then a mosey to the top (covered) of the parking garage for :

  • 50 monkey humpers

Back down then up the stairs to the very top for

  • 100 two count flutters

Back down and mosey around the lake to the last mountain top (hill) – this is when the serenade of climb every mountain from the Sound of Music was started by our very own superstar singer musician – Spinal Tap.

  • 150 squats

Back down the mountain (hill) to the AO at the parking lot where we finished with 10 Bobby Hurleys and 10 Burpees (had to do it)


COR – 7



  • Bombsquad Anniversary 1/1/2022 (how many years?)
  • Everyman a warrior getting ready to start 2nd book

Prayers for families over holidays, COVID spike, seeking God’s word everyday for guidance provided by F3Bubbles – great job!

Moleskin:  Even as I recover from a little head cold it was great to get out a lead this group of HIM at the mothership.  Great diversity but all this group is striving for great consistency and Bubbles said it best in prayer when he ask God to lead us to His word for guidance everyday and let this be our instruction manual on how to live life.  I am inspired by Shoeless and thankful for our Air Force contingent coming in hot at the beginning – ****F3 Disconnect and his service to our country.  Four of us enjoyed a post beat down coffeteria at Dunkin Donuts which rounded out a great morning with a little 2nd F.

Always an honor

Merry Christmas – Kiwi



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